Suga May Have Just Confirmed BTS Is Working On A Collaboration With Ed Sheeran

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Did BTS just give another huge hint that the band is collaborating with Ed Sheeran? It certainly seems like it, so the BTS ARMY is ecstatic because that’s one collaboration they’ve been waiting forever to hear! And believe it or not, it was one of the BTS guys who actually gave the hint, and on social media, no less. Suga from BTS’ tweet may confirm a song with Ed Sheeran and that means it’s time to get pumped, everyone.

“Hmm... this is for you @edsheeran #SUGA,” Suga wrote in his tweet. The image included in the tweet looks to be a screenshot from music editing software. So, that’s a big, big hint that some new music is coming soon! And since he directed the tweet at Sheeran, then I guess it’s safe to assume that BTS and Sheeran will be making some beautiful music together!

Actually, this isn’t the first time news of a possible collaboration has been shared by BTS or Sheeran. Just a few weeks ago, on Nov. 19, Sheeran did an interview with Heat World where he seemingly confirmed the collaboration as well.

It all started when fan asked a question via Twitter about a potential collaboration.

"I want BTS x Ed Sheeran but when will they ever," the fan wrote.

Sheeran responded with, "I actually wrote a song that I think they might be messing with. I heard this the other day, but yeah, I really like BTS. I think they’re great.”

In any case, here is what Suga posted on Twitter on Wednesday, Dec. 5:

And this is what Sheeran said during his interview with Heat World on Nov. 19:

So, it seems like it could really happen! But there’s some doubt in Sheeran’s statement as well because it definitely seems like it’s up to BTS’ discretion to release the track or not. But hey, at least BTS and Sheeran are working together even in this small way. And if it turns out that BTS does release the track eventually, then there’s no doubt that this collab will make history.

I mean, Ed Sheeran and the biggest K-Pop band on the planet working together is a pretty big deal. Whatever happens, though, Sheeran and the BTS guys have the utmost respect for each other. That much is clear.

As you can imagine, the fan reaction to this potential collaboration has been pretty wild. So many fans have taken to Twitter to express their sheer excitement over the whole situation. Regardless of whether BTS and Sheeran actually release the track, the fans are super happy about it anyway.

Here’s what all the BTS fans are saying on Twitter right now:

Needless to say, the BTS ARMY is beyond excited about their favorite band collaborating with Sheeran. And believe me when I say that those tweets are just a handful of thousands. So, lots of fans are waiting with bated breath for the BTS and Ed Sheeran track to drop. Hopefully, it comes soon, if it comes at all!