Steve Kazee's Instagram Is A "Jenna Dewan Fan Account"

Steve Kazee Admitted His Instagram Is A "Jenna Dewan Fan Account" & I'm Swooning

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Steve Kazee is putting all Instagram husbands and boyfriends to shame. The actor has officially one-uped all social media significant others with his latest post. You see, Steve Kazee's Instagram is a "Jenna Dewan fan account" now, and he's proud to admit it.

Kazee and Dewan are in love love and currently expecting their first child together. Kazee seems like he can't be happier with his fiancé. He posts photo after photo of her all over his Instagram account. On Dec. 29, he took things up a notch and called his Instagram a "Jenna Dewan fan account." In the emotional post, Kazee praised his fiancé for all of her accomplishments and simply being in his life.

"Disclaimer: I’m aware this is basically an @jennadewan fan account now. There is a reason for that," he wrote under a few photos of Dewan showing off her baby bump and dance skills.

Kazee also gushed over some of his fiancé's winning traits. "That reason is that I constantly watch with absolute awe as she has carves her path through this world and all the while she does it with a level of grace that we should all aspire to," he wrote, before listing some of her recent accomplishments.

"From starring as a mother to her beautiful daughter and our soon to be child, to her lead role as a partner in my life, a published author of #gracefullyyou, to her starring turn on @soundtracknetflix, and to the premiere of @flirtydancefox tonight she never fails to inspire and amaze me," he said, before telling his followers Dewan is not only a gift to him, but to all of them.

"So yes...I’m proud. Incredibly. I want everyone to know about her because she is a gift to this world in so many ways. So thank you for visiting this fan account. Happy premiere day my love!" he finished.

Their love is so palpable through Kazee's account. Just imagine what he'll post when their bundle of joy arrives in March.