Fans Are Convinced A 'The Office' & 'Always Sunny' Crossover Episode Is Happening


Hopeful fans have been dreaming of a The Office revival for years now, but a possible return to Dunder Mifflin might end up looking a lot differently than most fans imagined. A recent social media exchange between The Office star Steve Carell and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and creator Rob McElhenney may be teasing a totally unexpected crossover episode in which Carell reprises his character of Michael Scott. Of course, Steve Carell's tweet about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has fans freaking out, so will we be seeing Michael Scott on our TV screens again in the near future? There is hope!

Over the weekend, Rob McElhenney revealed that the Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast was shooting for their upcoming 14th season on location at The Office's famous Dunder Mifflin set. To have a little fun with the location, McElhenney posted a video jokingly taunting Steve Carell over the cancellation of his series. Both The Office and Always Sunny premiered in 2005, but The Office ended in 2013 after nine season whereas Always Sunny will earn the distinction of being one of the longest-running live-action sitcoms with its upcoming fourteenth season.

It is not clear what the Always Sunny team has planned for the Dunder Mifflin location in its new season, but Rob McElhenney's video from the set sparked the idea for a The Office crossover episode in the future. In response to the video, Steve Carell pitched the crossover idea for "It's Always Sunny in Scranton." The Office star Jenna Fischer also commented on the video, writing "I'll be right there."

And Rob McElhenney echoed Steve Carell's excitement for the crossover idea, noting that Philadelphia and Scranton are not too far apart.

So, now the big question is if this The Office crossover will actually come to fruition or not. Although past rumors of any The Office revivals have not resulted in anything, there is actually some hope that something like this one-off crossover with Always Sunny in Philadelphia could bring back the sitcoms iconic characters.

Since stars like Steve Carell and John Krasinski have tighter schedules than ever after The Office, a smaller revival in one episode of another series could provide just the right amount of leniency to allow them to reprise their roles. Plus, Always Sunny has spoofed iconic sitcoms before — its last season included a remake of Seinfeld's famous "The Contest" episode — and the show has also worked with a major The Office star recently — the last season kicked off with Mindy Kaling in a guest starring role. Not to mention that the series clearly got access to The Office's iconic set, and may already be planning some sort of spoof in Season 14.

This crossover conversation comes just a few days after The Office made headlines for its confirmed departure date from Netflix in 2021, due to NBC buying exclusive streaming rights to the series for its upcoming streaming platform. At least now fans of the show have something to hold out hope for.