Steel Reserve Alloy Series' holiday cans will have you laughing.

These Canned Spiked Sips Hilariously Call Out Awkward Holiday Moments

by Collette Reitz
Courtesy of Steel Reserve Alloy Series

It you're already dreading the lightning round of questions about your personal life that'll be coming at you from every family member at Thanksgiving dinner, it can be hard to look forward to anything else. Prying relatives are difficult to avoid at any family gathering, but you might just have a new way out of those pesky holiday dinner interviews with Steel Reserve Alloy Series' holiday cans. If you're 21 years or older, you can kick back with whichever can of the malt beverage addresses your not-so-fun holiday moment.

Before I get into what the heck that means, it's important to remember you shouldn't grab a boozy sip every time a problem arises. The point of the new messages on the holiday cans is to make the time when you do grab a drink just a little bit more fun. If you're not familiar with Steel Reserve Alloy Series, the MillerCoors-owned malt beverage company consists of seven boozy flavors that pack a punch with an 8% ABV per 12-ounce serving. The newest flavor is called Spiked Strawberry Burst, and it's described as having major strawberry flavor with a light finish.

But you're not here just for the new flavor, so let's get into the hilarious holiday messages. According to a press release sent to Elite Daily, there are seven cans (one for each flavor) detailing which flavor your should grab for the following "uncomfortable holiday situations":

  • "When your aunt gets too flirty with your boyfriend" — Spiked Strawberry Burst
  • "When your uncle wants to talk politics" — Blk Berry
  • "When you get asked why you're single for the [third] year in a row" — Hard Pineapple
  • "When your parents threaten to take you off their phone plan" — Watermelon
  • "When you slide into your friend's sister's DMs" — Spiked Blue Razz
  • "When you run into your high school ex at the neighborhood bar" — Spiked Tropic Storm
  • "When your dad's new girlfriend is the same age as you" — Spiked Punch
Courtesy of Steel Alloy Reserve

Rolling out during November, the limited-edition holiday cans will be available in Chicago, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; and Jackson, Mississippi. You can find them wherever Steel Alloy Reserve Series is sold, including 7-Eleven and your local liquor store. Even though the holiday cans have a limited release, you can still pick up all seven flavors at select retailers nationwide. You can always refer to the above list to figure out which type of sip your holiday ~situation~ calls for.