Staying At This Airbnb In Joshua Tree Felt Like I Traveled Back In Time To The '60s

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My friend Lizz had been going back and forth on how she wanted to celebrate her birthday for weeks. She finally decided on renting an Airbnb in Joshua Tree. I've lived in Los Angeles for almost four years now, and going to Joshua Tree had always been on my bucket list. Needless to say, you can understand how hyped I was to go. I constantly see cute listings of vintage airstreams and dome tents, but staying at this Airbnb in Joshua Tree felt like I traveled back in time to the '60s.

In addition to the cool pictures on the listing, I instantly fell in love with this "Mid-Century Retreat." You definitely get the modern vibes the minute you step inside. The designs on the furniture mixed with pale pink, mustard yellow, and bright green hues gave off a very late-'60s feel. Not to mention, there was a record player in the kitchen with vinyl records all around the house to choose from.

On the second morning, I got to be the DJ while we cooked breakfast. I played some Elvis hits, the Grease soundtrack, and a record of Hawaiian tunes that perfectly fit the mood. I also spent time going through the shelves of vintage books and movies. I found an old Disney book that caught my eye right away, but the most exciting find was a bunch of old board games from the '60s. I wanted to break out Clue and round up the squad to play ASAP, because it's my favorite.

Rachel Chapman

Aside from the vintage items throughout, the entire house was calling for a photo shoot with my friends. When you're staying in such an Insta-worthy spot, you absolutely need to put on a cute outfit and take some pictures. (I don't make the rules, I just follow them.)

I really enjoyed the living room with the chaise lounges, pale pink bathroom, and hammocks for chilling. However, the one thing I knew I needed to pose for a picture in front of was the silver airstream parked right in the front yard.

When I think of Joshua Tree, I had always pictured staying in a sweet camper in the middle of the dessert. I finally experienced that picture-perfect moment. Even though the temperature outside was over 100 degrees, my friend and I briefly stepped out to snap a few pictures in front of the airstream. (Honestly, get yourself a friend who will brave the desert heat for a 'Grammable moment.) After taking enough pics, we rushed back inside to cool off in the air conditioning.

Rachel Chapman

The airstream was a definite highlight, but the best part was being able to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with some of my favorite people, celebrating my friend's birthday. I know I'll never forget this hidden gem in Joshua Tree and weekend away, because I have my friends to remember it with. I'll always remember dancing in the kitchen, snacking on the millions of bags of Cheetos (because they're Lizz's favorite), and laughing at all the random things we discovered all around the house.

Rachel Chapman

If you're ever planning a trip to Joshua Tree, I can't recommend this Airbnb more. Not only is it perfect for the most epic snaps, but you'll have a time-traveling adventure with your squad you'll never want to forget.

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