LOL, Stassi Schroeder Predicted Her 'Vanderpump Rules' Castmates' Futures

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The Vanderpump Rules cast members are certified Bravo-lebrities at this point. In the show's seven years on air, going from working as servers and bartenders at a trendy West Hollywood restaurant to becoming reality TV stars has got to have changed their lives in so many ways. And as their stars rise, it seems their realities will continue to evolve: Stassi Schroeder's quotes predicting the Vanderpump Rules cast's futures indicate she thinks even more major changes are on the horizon for them all.

In an interview with Bustle, Stassi shared what she thinks could be in store for her friends — and her ex-friends, and... let's just call them all her castmates — 10 years from now. She's a good source to come to for this question, since she's been with Vanderpump Rules since Season 1 and has dealt with all the friendship changes, relationship fluctuations, and changing career paths that have happened over time.

First up is Scheana Shay: "I think Scheana could be performing at a show in Vegas ... Give her a little side show and she would own that sh*t." Scheana has already performed some of her original songs, such as "Good As Gold" on VPR, so this prediction feels pretty accurate.

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As for Kristen Dote, "I hope in 10 years that she's in the healthiest relationship of all of us," Stassi said. "I hope that she ends up just finding some billionaire to marry who's actually nice, then has lots of babies and she doesn't need to do sh*t." Kristen's on-and-off relationship with Brian Carter in Season 8 drove a wedge between her and her fellow "Witches of Weho" partners, Stassi and Katie Maloney-Schwartz, so it makes sense Stassi hopes a more stable situation is in her friend's future.

Stassi is known for her snarky comments on VPR, and those really came out when speaking of DJ James Kennedy's future. "I feel like James will still be DJing at SUR," Stassi told Bustle, apparently throwing a bit of shade while saying it.

Now, onto the couples: Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval might be best friends and partial owners of Lisa's bar TomTom, but Stassi sees much different things in store for each of them and their partners. "I think Katie and Schwartz are going to find a way to capitalize on the fact that they love to chill out. They love to just chill on their couch or in their bed ... And that is a brand right there.," she said.

Meanwhile, Sandoval and Ariana Maddox might have a bit more of an adventurous future, according to Stassi. "I would give [Tom and Ariana] a travel show that was about trying different cocktails all over the world ... They could become famous mixologists." Ariana and Tom released a cocktail book in 2019, so this would totally make sense.

As for Brittany Cartwright and Jax (aka Jason Cauchi) they've been vocal about their plans to start a family in that big house they just bought near their friends. But Brittany's grandmother's recipe for beer cheese, which has also been a topic on the show, is what Stassi really wants to see more of. "If [Jax and Brittany] don't capitalize on this beer cheese sh*t and have a farm in Kentucky and own a factory, I'm going to do it. I love cheese and dairy so much," she said.

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Stassi sees Lala Kent and her fiancé Randall Emmett ‌as the next Hollywood power couple. "Lala is so passionate about being an actor and Randall is finally directing his first film after producing so many," she explained. "If they commit to working together, I feel like they could be making huge, award-winning movies and really sweeping Hollywood."

At the helm of it all is Lisa Vanderpump, who Stassi said "will be exactly where she is now and just making more and more money by each year that goes by." This would be unsurprising, since Vanderpump now owns four restaurants in the Los Angeles area and is the HBIC of one of TV's hottest reality shows.

As for Stassi and her fiancé Beau Clark, she hears wedding bells in Italy, and sees children in their future. Plus, as new, younger faces get brought into SUR, Stassi's looking at another Bravo franchise for inspo: The Real Housewives. "I'd like to be the next Bethenny Frankel," she admitted. "I need to come up with a product to sell for a billion dollars." And if that doesn't work out, she could always just continue writing New York Times bestsellers to build her empire.

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Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.