You Can Win Free Bagels Delivered By A Robot, Because The Future Is Here

Courtesy Of Sodexo

Growing up, I always dreamed of owning my own robot... you know, kind of like Sico from Rocky IV or Rosie from The Jetsons. My robot would do all of my chores, tell me I'm pretty on a regular basis, and most importantly, bring me all the food I could ever want. And apparently Sodexo, a popular school campus foodservice company, worked with Starship to deploy robots that will actually deliver food straight to your doorstep, including Einstein Bros. Bagels. I know, it sounds like the plot of a completely unrealistic sci-fi movie, but now Starship robots' delivery is offering free Einstein Bros. Bagels, and it sounds like a super high-tech giveaway.

As of noon on Monday, March 25, students at Northern Arizona University will be able to order Einstein Bros. Bagels by way of robot, and you can actually win free bagels in honor of the occasion (more on that later). According to a press release, Starship robots will be delivering Einstein Bros. Bagels, among other fast foods, straight to students' dorms with a fleet of over 30 self-driving robots. I know, it sounds seriously wild, but Sodexo hopes these breakfast-delivering robots will be an incentive for students to eat the most important meal of the day before they go to class. Apparently up to 88 percent of students skip the brekky due to lack of time, and IMO, that's despicable. Breakfast is vital, guys!

Courtesy Of Sodexo

Anyway, to get this autonomous food delivery initiative started, Sodexo partnered partnered with renowned tech brand Starship Technologies, according to the press release. Ryan Tuohy, SVP, Business Development, Starship Technologies, shared in the release:

These campuses are hubs of innovation and activity, with both students and faculty needing convenient and flexible services. Our on-demand delivery is perfectly suited to this environment and we can’t wait to introduce our robots to the students and faculty at Northern Arizona University.

The school's students and faculty will be able to use the Starship app for iOS and and for Android to order food and drinks from Einstein Bros. Bagel, along with other quick service restaurants like Star Ginger, Cobrizo Mexican Grill, Turnip the Greens, G’s NY Style Deli, and The Wedge Market and Pizza. Once students open the app and choose their desired meal, they'll drop a pin where they want their delivery to be sent. The robot will send an alert upon arrival, and the robot can be unlocked to give the student their food via the app. Each on-demand delivery will cost $1.99, and they work with the students' meal plans. Pretty cool, right?

Courtesy Of Sodexo

OK, now about those free bagels: If you happen to be a student at NAU, you'll probably want to order Einstein Bros. Bagel as early as you can on Monday, March 25. According to the press release, the very first person at Northern Arizona University that places a bagel order with the robots will receive free breakfast for the rest of the school year. And if that isn't a reason to order breakfast that day, I seriously don't know what would be. Don't worry, even if you don't get the free bagels, you can still use the service with $1.99 delivery fee. The robots have also been feeding hungry students at George Mason University since the service's implementation back in January 2019.

Experts have believed that robots would further integrate with the human race for quite a while now. In fact, Google's Director of Engineering and self-proclaimed futurist, Ray Kurzweil, believes that humans will basically become robots by 2029. He said it won't be long until people start installing computers into their brains. The human race is becoming so dependent on technology, which leads him to believe there's a likely chance artificial intelligence and human intelligence will eventually become one. Spooky.

I know robot food delivery is a wild concept, but it's real. Robots are truly taking over. OK not really, but they will deliver bagels to your doorstep, and that's pretty much the same thing. NAU is in for a real treat, guys, and TBH, I'm jealous.