You Can Score A Free PSL Or Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino During This Starbucks Happy Hour

When you're struggling to get over the mid-week hump, I'll be the first to admit that Starbucks' Happy Hours are a complete lifesaver. When your energy starts crashing mid-afternoon, the coffee giant likes to surprise its customers every once in a while by gifting you discounts on your fuel-up. I mean, who wouldn't want to score money off on their Pumpkin Spice Latte or White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino? Absolutely everyone, that's who. So, when I saw that Starbucks' Sept. 12 Happy Hour will help you get buy one get one espresso or frappuccino drinks, including some customer-favorite seasonal favorites. Yes, I'm referring to the PSL, so get ready to grab a friend or double fist two of these fall-forward sips when happy hour comes around.

If you've taken advantage of Starbucks' Happy Hours in the past, you know the drill. To get the weekly deals delivered to your inbox, all you have to do is download the Starbucks app and make an account for free. Once you've signed in, your app will populate with coupons offering you ways to save on your favorite Starbies sips, including the chain's weekly happy hour deals. Regulars of the coffee retailer will be the first to admit that a Starbucks habit can seriously add up and put a toll on your bank account. So, rather than trying to resist the urge to spring for a PSL whenever you walk past a storefront, the deals on the Starbucks app are the key to helping you save some serious cash on your coffee runs.


When it comes to the happy hour deal for Thursday, Sept. 12, the chain is allowing you to buy your choice of a grande or larger handcrafted espresso beverage or Frappuccino blended beverage, and get another one of equal or lesser value completely for free. This is a particularly good happy hour just because of the variety of things that you can order. That means that you can order your choice of the PSL, the Salted Caramel Mocha, or the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and get a second one without spending a dime. If you have yet to try one of the chain's fall specialty drinks, now's the perfect time to do it.

As with all promos, there are a few fine print details to take into consideration. Like all of Starbucks' Happy Hour deals, the savings are only valid on Sept. 12 after 3 p.m. at participating Starbucks locations. In addition, the deal excludes "hot and iced brewed coffee, ready–to–drink beverages and Starbucks Reserve beverages," so I'd keep that in mind when deciding what second beverage you want to order. Last but not least, these happy hour savings can't be combined with any of the other discounts or deals you might find on your Starbucks account, so I'd save those for another time.

Again, this deal is only valid for Sept. 12 and Sept. 12 only, so I'd make sure to set a reminder for yourself and grab a friend (or not) to score two of your fave sips for the price of one come Thursday afternoon.