Starbucks' Newest Coffee Blends Have Gorgeous Packaging That Will Give You Wanderlust

Courtesy of Starbucks

You don't have to catch the next flight out to sample coffees from around the world. Thanks to Starbucks' new Premium Select Collection Packaged Coffees for 2019, you can brew up your own cup of international java right in the comfort of your kitchen. The lineup includes three new coffee blends to perk you up in the morning, and the collection is going to give you some serious wanderlust. Not to mention, the brightly-colored packaging for each blend is so, so pretty.

Starbucks is rolling out three new coffee blends that pay homage to exotic and tropical destinations around the world and it's got the most gorgeous packaging to boot. According to Starbucks, the new Premium Select Collection is made with "the highest quality 100 percent arabica Starbucks coffees from premier growing locations around the world." All of the blends are medium roasts, and they became available in grocery stores as of February 2019, per Starbucks. However, each one offers its own unique flavor.

The coffee can be found at grocery retailers nationwide wherever Starbucks products are sold, according to the coffee company. This includes stores like Target and Amazon. I checked Instacart and Walmart's website, but couldn't find any bags of Starbucks' new Premium Select Collection packaged coffees. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the new blends are in stock.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Here's what coffee flavors are included in the new Premium Select Collection from Starbucks:

Courtesy of Starbucks

Now, you're probably wondering how much a bag from Starbucks' new Premium Select Collection is going to cost you. According to the company, each 9-ounce bag of coffee retails for $9.99. When I think about all of the money I spend at Starbucks each month, $9.99 for one bag of coffee doesn't seem bad at all. Just to be sure, I checked with Target to see what this collection is selling for. Sure enough, Target has each flavor for $9.99 per bag.

Now that those details are out of the way, I need to talk about how gorgeous this packaging is. I can't stop staring at Starbucks' new Premium Select Collection packaged coffees. Really, I'm obsessed. The design alone is worth $10 to me. The packaging of each of Starbucks' new global blend flavors features luminous spring colors like orange, green, and blue. The design also incorporates the varying landscapes that correspond with the origin of the coffee. Starbucks knows a thing or two about keeping up with trends, but these new designs are on point.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Right now, Starbucks is running a sale on packaged coffee until Monday, April 1. Per an email from Starbucks, the sale includes 25 percent off all packaged coffee. I don't see any mention of exclusions with this sale. That means you should be able to get the discount on Starbucks' new Premium Select Collection at a participating Starbucks location near you.

These bags would look so pretty if you lined them all up together on your kitchen counter or coffee bar. I can't wait to pick up a few on my next Target run.