Starbucks Has Half-Priced Cinnamon Shortbread Lattes During Its Happy Hour Today

Courtesy of Starbucks

There's no denying the fact that Starbucks had a great 2018. I mean, it was the year that the company launched its weekly Happy Hour discounts — and that's a pretty huge deal. Thankfully, Starbucks is taking its Happy Hours into the new year with even more delicious drink sales. In fact, Starbucks' Jan. 10 Happy Hour has 50 percent off lattes and macchiatos, which means it's time to get thirsty.

As you know, Starbucks' has an extensive list of lattes and macchiatos on its menu — including one of its brand new seasonal treats. I'm talking about the Cinnamon Shortbread Latte, which you can also refer to as the "CSL" of the season (move over, PSL). In case you're unaware, Starbucks' Cinnamon Shortbread Latte is basically cookie butter in a cup. According to the company, it's made by combining milk and espresso with brown butter and vanilla. Then, it's topped off with nutmeg and cinnamon. TBH, it sounds like the latte of my cookie-loving dreams — and I cannot wait to give it a try.

Thankfully, the new beverage available iced, hot, or as Frappuccino, per Starbucks. However, iced versions of the CSL aren't included in the company's Jan. 10 Happy Hour.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Speaking of the Happy Hour, let's get into more details about the discounts. If you're a Starbucks Rewards member, you might've gotten an email about the upcoming event. If you didn't, though, I'll tell you about the sale. Beginning at 3 p.m. local time on Thursday, Jan. 10, in-the-know Starbucks customers can visit their local store and pick up a latte or macchiato for 50 percent off (if the drinks are a grande or larger in size). In other words, you can score your favorite seasonal beverage for less than a fiver if you visit Starbucks today. How can you partake in the Happy Hour, you ask? The answer is simple.

If you're a member of Starbucks' Rewards program and received an email about the Happy Hour, then the offer has probably been added to your account already. All you'll have to do is apply it to your order and tell the barista you'd like to redeem your discount. If you're not a Rewards member yet and want to become one, there are a few simple steps that you can take.

In order to sign up for Starbucks' Rewards program, head to the company's Rewards website and click "JOIN NOW." After doing so, you'll be taken to a page where Starbucks will ask for your credentials so you can create an account. After you've entered the requested information, you'll be able to take advantage of the Rewards program perks. Some of those include birthday rewards, pay-by-phone capabilities, free in-store refills, and Happy Hour notifications (!!!).

Now that you know how to partake in Starbucks' Happy Hour on Jan. 10, it's time to decide on which latte or macchiato you want to order. If you're not feeling the Cinnamon Shortbread Latte, go ahead and explore your options. Just keep in mind that whichever drink you order must be a grande or larger, and that you'll need to visit your participating Starbucks store after 3 p.m. local time.