You'll Want All Of Starbucks' Sparkly Holiday Merch This Season

Do you admit that you fangirl a little when you see all of the new, shiny Starbucks merchandise during the holiday season? Me, too. It's hard to refrain from excitement when Starbucks launches a new set of tumblers and cold cups that spark a real holiday mood. On Wednesday, Sept. 25, Starbucks shared a sneak peak of the Starbucks' holiday 2019 tumblers and cold cups that are set to hit stores soon. To make it even more exciting, everything on their list of holiday merchandise is under $25. Which means you can afford to gift these items to your besties, your SO, your mom, that white elephant partygoer on your list, and even yourself if you just can't stand being without one of these gorgeous holiday cold cups. I seriously can't blame you. I want one ASAP.

I, like some, am going into panic mode at the mere mention of Christmas, because I have not thought about anyone's gift. Nor am I ready to go into the chaos that is holiday shopping. But, even though the official first day of fall was only a couple days ago, on Sept. 23, Starbucks and other companies are ready to go for the holidays. Starbucks' Sept. 25 press release draws your attention to the fact that "the most wonderful time of the year" is in three months. To mark the countdown, the company announced the products that will soon appear in their participating store locations throughout the United States and Canada. Per Starbucks, that includes "those within grocers, airports, and hospitals." Now that it's only three months away from the most hectic gift-giving day of the year, it's probably best that you start mapping out your shopping plans now.

I am in love with the Starbucks' holiday tumblers and cold cups that are coming soon. In fact, although I missed out on one of my fave items I saw in store last holiday season, Starbucks decided to bring it back. So if you missed out on their Starbucks Iridescent Cold Cup in Bling Platinum, you'll have a chance to pick one up this year as a gift or for yourself.

As I'm sure you noticed, the brand has also released a new color for the Iridescent Cold Cup — neon pink. These will sell for $19.95 each.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Also set to appear in stores are the Starbucks Mirror Glitter Gold Cold Cup for $18.95 and the Green Confetti Tumbler for $19.95.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Although, I have to say two of my favorite designs they came up with — aside from my obvious love of the Starbucks Iridescent Cold Cups — is the Starbucks Pink Cold Cup and the Starbucks Glitter Gradient Pink Cold Cup. The Pink Cold Cup will sell for $18.95, while the Glitter Gradient Pink option is $22.95. It's totally OK if you don't really like pink, but I'm pretty sure those options will do well, as I don't think that the love for millennial pink has died just yet.

Courtesy of Starbucks

It's true, Starbucks' Holiday 2019 tumblers and cold cups are as great as ever, but if you aren't going to be in the market for a cold cup or tumbler for your friends or family, Starbucks will have some other holiday offerings. The company is also selling their traditional Christmas Blend that they've been stocking since 1984 — $14.99 for a pound — for coffee-lovers who'd rather have the coffee than the tumbler. In addition, there will be a variety of Starbucks Gift Card options and a high-shine gold water bottle that will keep your water cool with minimalist holiday vibes.

Don't forget to try a sweet new drink when you visit a Starbucks location to look for their new holiday merch. Try a classic PSL or soup up a Pumpkin Spice Latte by changing it to a frappuccino and adding some extras to make it a Jack Skellington Frappuccino.

Now that Starbucks is counting down the days until the holidays, I guess I've got to start making gift lists for everyone. If you're stumped about what to get your caffeinated, coffee-loving friend, though, Starbucks can solve that issue pretty quick.