You Can Get Half Off The Returning Cherry Mocha During Starbucks’ Happy Hour Today

Like most people, I wake up every morning and drink coffee. Sometimes I'll pour iced coffee from the bottle in my refrigerator and other days I'll brew up a pot of hot java. Come the afternoon, my caffeine levels are pretty close to depleted and I'm ready for another boost. What better to come to my rescue than Starbucks' Feb. 7 Happy Hour? This week's offerings include half-priced espresso drinks, which honestly is a godsend because I'm going to need all of the energy I can get today.

Starting at 3 p.m. local time on Thursday, Feb. 7, Starbucks customers can get 50 percent off espresso beverages at participating stores across the country, according to an email from the company. This includes cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and more. As with other Starbucks Happy Hour events, the drink deal only applies to beverages that are size grande or larger. Oh, and for those of you that like to add espresso shots to your brewed coffee, today's deal won't apply. Most of the time, hot and iced brewed coffee is excluded from Happy Hour. One more thing: This deal isn't eligible to be combined with other discounts and promotions from Starbucks, either.

Today's Happy Hour deals include drinks like the incredibly delicious Cherry Mocha. The return of the espresso-based drink, which is available starting on Thursday, Feb. 7 aligns perfectly with today's Starbucks Happy Hour. The festive drink is made with Starbucks' signature espresso, Mocha sauce, and cherry flavored syrup. The ingredients are blended together for an unbelievably smooth finish and just the right amount of sweet. To really seal the deal, Starbucks adds a healthy dose of whipped cream and the most adorable pink and red cocoa Valentine sprinkles.

Of course, you can get a variety of other Starbucks espresso beverages at half the cost as normal today. Personally, I'm an Iced Caramel Macchiato girl. I love the combination of bitter espresso and vanilla syrup blended with milk. I usually take a few sips of the espresso first and then move down for a sip of the sweet stuff. It's like a little taste of heaven in my mouth. This drink is seriously a dream, especially when it's half off.

If you're already a Starbucks Rewards Member, then today's offer is currently sitting pretty in your account. You'll see it underneath the barcode within the Starbucks app when you go to pay. Just let your barista know that you'd like to redeem the offer before he or she scans your phone screen.

If you're not privy to Starbucks Happy Hour deals, allow me to fill you in. Last year, Starbucks directed people to a Happy Hour-specific website where they could sign up to receive Happy Hour deals directly in their inbox. That's all changing, per a recent email from the company. Customers who are not current Rewards Members will need to download the Starbucks app. That's where upcoming coupons can be found, according to Starbucks.

Starbucks typically offers Happy Hour deals every week, but this year the promotion seems a little more spread out. I'm just happy to get a discount on my daily Starbucks trips, no matter how far apart the offers may be.