Starbucks' Cold Foam Drink Flavors Sound Delicious & I Want To Try Them All

As the highly anticipated summer weather rolls in, there's nothing better than an ice cold drink — and Starbucks' latest creation has coffee lovers totally covered this season. The coffee giant just created cold foam, which is about to top all of my iced-drink orders this season. Cold foam is being used on a new selection of beverages at Starbucks, and the new flavors sound delicious. If you're wondering what Starbucks' cold foam drink flavors are, I have you covered. Say hello to my new obsessions.

With hot summer temperatures just around the corner, cooling off will be mandatory. Luckily, Starbucks is coming in clutch this season with its latest and greatest menu items: cold foam drinks. They officially hit menus on Tuesday, April 17, at all participating Starbucks locations in the United States and Canada. In case you were wondering, each one of them truly caters to my endlessly icy soul. Among the cold foam specialty drinks are the Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew, the Cold Foam Cascara Nitro Cold Brew (as long as Nitro is available at your local Starbucks), and the Cold Foam Starbucks Blonde Iced Cappuccino. All three of them sound absolutely amazing, and if I'm being completely honest, my wallet is in major trouble RN.

Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew

First off, the Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew is heavenly. According to Starbucks' release, the base consists of signature Starbucks Cold Brew, which is lightly sweetened with vanilla syrup. It's then topped with the cascara cold foam for extra creaminess, and a pinch of of cascara topping, adding complementary hints of brown sugar and maple. As a New England native, this is totally the drink for me.

Cold Foam Cascara Nitro Cold Brew

Next is the Cold Foam Cascara Nitro Cold Brew. It tastes relatively similar to the Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew, with the addition of Nitro Cold Brew (without the ice, of course). The mellow cascara cold foam and pinch of cascara topping are sprinkled on top, which ultimately makes for the (slightly) sweet drink of my dreams.

Cold Foam Starbucks Blonde Iced Cappuccino

I'm saving the best for last, because the Cold Foam Starbucks Blonde Iced Cappuccino is seriously where it's at. According to Starbucks' website, it's relatively similar to the highly regarded Greek drink called Cappuccino Freddo, which is only sold in European Starbucks restaurants. The Cold Foam Starbucks Blonde Iced Cappuccino consists of Starbucks Blonde Espresso shots, as well as nonfat milk and cold foam. Yum.

If none of these specialty cold foam drinks tickle your fancy, you can choose to add cold foam to any iced beverage of your choice. Whether you decide to add it to your iced coffee, iced macchiato, or even iced latte, cold foam can be at your side whenever, wherever. The best part is that any cold foam drink you order is served with a strawless lid, which allows you to savor all of the foamy goodness until the last drop.

Back in the '80s, everyone jammed to the Bee Gees and adored any and all Molly Ringwald movies. Well, that's also when Starbucks first introduced its signature hot steamed foam — and it was by far one of their greatest inventions. Making cold foam is hardly different making it hot, but the main difference is that nonfat milk is frothed at a cold temperature, rather than at a hotter temperature. The milk is then blended until it gets really smooth, which is why it's super creamy and rich without any actual cream. It sounds heavenly, and it's about to be the soundtrack to my summer.

Starbucks' new cold foam drink flavors sound positively heavenly. Choosing one at a time will be nearly impossible — but go out there and try them all.