Spotify's New Pet Playlists are perfect for your pup, so get ready to start creating.

You Can Create A Playlist Based On Your Pet's Personality With Spotify

Photographer, Basak Gurbuz Derman/Moment/Getty Images

Get ready to rock out with Spotify's new Pet Playlists. Actually, get ready to rock out with your cat or dog (or hamster or iguana), because these new playlists are curated mixes made especially for the VIP (very important pet) in your life. Mixing a bit of your music taste with your pet's personality, you'll be streaming the 30-song playlist on repeat.

In a Spotify survey of over 5,000 music-streaming pet owners, the company found that 71% of people play music for their fluffy friends. Seeing how regularly people playing tunes for their pets, Spotify created a pet-focused algorithm for owners, which means you can create a personalized playlist based on your pet's personality. Musicologist David Teie, a pioneer in creating species-specific music based on the likes and dislikes of certain animals, helped Spotify program the algorithm to help make sure your pup or kitty will enjoy it.

The feature launched on Wednesday, Jan. 15, and it's so easy to make one. To create a Pet Playlist, go to Spotify's Pet Playlist page and select your type of pet: dog, cat, hamster, bird, or iguana. Then, Spotify will ask you a few questions about your pet's personality. The questions are slider-based, so if your pet is in the middle of the spectrum or just slightly leaning one way or the other, you can easily adjust your answer. The questions are the same for each type of animal: "Relaxed or Energetic?," "Shy or Friendly?," and "Apathetic or Curious?"

Courtesy of Spotify

Once you answer all of the questions, type in your pet's name to label the playlist, and add a photo of your furry (or scaly) companion. Then, you'll receive a curated playlist with about 30 tracks specified to your pet's personality. For example of an energetic pup getting an upbeat, uptempo playlist, versus a shy cat getting a playlist with much slower tunes. Plus, it takes your own musical taste into account, which means you'll both love the tunes.

You can also remove any song from the playlist you don't like, as well as add any additional songs to the playlist on your own. Share your Pet Playlist on social media with the personalized sharecard, and get ready to jam out with your fave furry dance partner.