Sophie Turner Has A Lot To Say To Fans Who Are Mad At Her For Spoiling ‘GOT’


Sansa Stark is an expert at keeping secrets. She has to be, after all. After years of the Game of Thrones character facing enemies from all different fronts, she's needed to safely guard all her hidden bits of knowledge from other lords and ladies who might do her wrong. But the actress who plays Sansa, on the other hand, is a little more loose-lipped than her alter ego. Recently, Sophie Turner revealed the Game of Thrones ending, and fans were not pleased. But, in true royal fashion, Turner is not letting anybody's criticisms get to her.

In January, Turner was interviewed for a W Magazine article entitled “Sophie Turner Has Already Revealed ‘Game of Thrones’ Ending to a Select Few.” In that article, Turner talked about how she struggles not to spill the beans whenever she knows some important info. She said:

I’m so bad at keeping secrets. I don’t think people tell me things anymore because they know that I can’t keep them. I’ve already told the ending of Game of Thrones to a few people.

After Turner admitted she'd let some friends in on the closely guarded plot details of the Game of Thrones finale, some protective fans responded with anger. They were upset that she had possibly spoiled the series' end for a large group of people. But, Turner responded calmly. She told Entertainment Weekly:

I was on Twitter and saw these headlines like ‘Twitter followers are being so mean to Sophie Turner after reports she told her friends the ending of Game of Thrones,. The truth is I’ve only told two people. It’s not that many.

Not only did Turner tell only a couple close friends, but it turns out she had a perfectly reasonable explantation for letting at least one person in on the Game of Thrones secrets. One of the people Turner told was her fiancé Joe Jonas. According to EW, he was there for Turner with moral and emotional support through all of the rigorously draining filming of Game of Thrones Season 8.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It makes perfect sense that Turner wanted to share details about her work with the most important person in her life. But, even if she didn't have an explanation for revealing Game of Thrones secrets, Turner wasn't too phased by the outrage she received from fans. Unfortunately, it's pretty commonplace for her, but she seems to have a really healthy attitude about social media. Turner told EW:

To be honest, I don’t read many of the mentions on Twitter because there’s normally quite a bit of hate. Everything I say will always have some negative reactions so I’m not surprised.

Turner received a very different reaction to her spilling the beans than her co-star Kit Harington did. He reportedly once told a a police officer the truth about Jon Snow's Season 5 death just to avoid a speeding ticket. But, Harrington was let off the hook by fans. Turner responded to the difference in reactions between she and Harington with some familial smugness, which makes perfect sense since she plays his younger sister on the show. She told EW, "The people love Kit Harington, he can do no wrong. He’s the people’s prince!”

Fans everywhere will know all the Game of Thrones spoilers there are to know once the final season airs this spring. The Season 8 premiere is Sunday, April 14 on HBO.