Sofia Richie's Quotes About Social Media Hate Are Everything

Sofia's Outlook On Dealing With Social Media Trolls Will Give You So Much Life

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Today's social media landscape makes it all too easy for internet trolls to attack just about anyone, and for those on the receiving end, the barrage of negative comments can be hard to deal with. Sofia Richie is all too familiar, but she's made it clear she's not succumbing to any of the noise. Sofia Richie's quotes about social media hate are everything you need to hear today.

On March 2, Cosmopolitan dropped their April 2020 cover featuring Sofia Richie. In her interview, she discussed her run-ins with social media trolls. You've probably read about a lot of it, too.

Back in July 2019, she was accused of photoshopping her body in vacation photos. She's also received plenty of shade for being in a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick, who is 15 years her senior. But Richie's learned to tune out the haters, telling Cosmopolitan she has "this weird thing where I just don't care what people think."

Despite Richie and Scott receiving flack constantly for their age difference, Richie is secure enough in her relationship to not care. She told Cosmopolitan haters' trash talk "doesn't bother me because I'm very happy," before adding, "Why would I let someone from the middle of nowhere ruin that for me?"

Read that again, fam. Richie just taught a master class on being unbothered. Don't let an internet troll behind a computer screen from who knows how far away steal your thunder!

If any fans (or trolls) are wondering whether Richie's parents approve of her and Scott's relationship, well, good news: they do. She says they're "fine" with her dating Scott, and when it comes to their age difference, her parents think it's "great."

Richie's DGAF attitude toward haters may be fueling the "no fear" mantra she's applied to other aspects of her life in 2020.

“It’s time to start hustling. 2020 is about no fear, and I’m doing things that would usually make me very uncomfortable," she said, before revealing her plans to launch a bikini line and a beauty company that focuses on hair and body, in addition to taking up acting.

Richie is going to have a seriously busy year, so trolls shouldn't bother spreading their hate. Considering all of the amazing projects Richie has lined up, I doubt she'll even have the time to read it.