Sofia Richie & Scott Disick Might Not Be The Most Astrologically Compatible, & Here's Why

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Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are a bit of an odd couple — from an astrological perspective, that is. Disick was born May 26 under the sign of Gemini, and Richie’s birthday is August 24, making her a Virgo. If you know anything about these air and earth signs, you probably wouldn’t put them together. They have very different world views and practically polar-opposite attitudes toward relationships. And yet, here we are, two years later, and they're still going strong. So, while Sofia Richie and Scott Disick's astrological compatibility may be complicated, one thing this union proves is that if you want to make a relationship work, not even the planets can get in your way. Which is pretty inspirational, when you think about it like that.

What exactly do these two have to overcome to make their romance work in the long run? And how have they been able to make it work so well? While we can't actually know every detail about their relationship, we can make some educated guesses based on how Virgos and Geminis tend to interact together. With that in mind, here’s what we can divine about their relationship dynamic based on their zodiac signs' compatibility.

They are on the same page, emotionally.
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Neither Gemini nor Virgo are known for being overly emotional signs. Sure, they both have their moments, but in general, both signs tend to come from a more rational and intellectual perspective. This serves these two signs well, because it lays a foundation from where they can reasonably work through their differences. If one of them was overly emotional or reactionary, their struggles would be insurmountable, but their ability to be on the same frequency in terms of the way they process their feelings gives them a great starting point, and a sense of understanding one another.

Learning to trust one another will likely be a struggle.
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Where this couple may struggle most is around issues of trust. Gemini is a notorious flirt and happily encourages those around them to engage with them this way. In Disick’s case, this is further complicated by his continued co-parenting relationship with Kourtney Kardashian and the many fans who want nothing more than to see them reunited. It also doesn't help that, on a recent episode of Keeping Up with Kardashians, a healer in Bali told Disick and Kardashian they were “soulmates.” Awkward. While Virgo is not an insecure or normally jealous sign, they do value actions over words, and Gemini’s actions tend to live in a grey area; They don’t quite cross the line, but they come up against it. If this boundary-testing erodes Virgo's trust, it's gone forever.

Sexual chemistry is something they might have to work at.
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Another area these two signs will have to put a lot of effort into is their sexual chemistry. While for some signs this generates naturally, for Virgo and Gemini, it's going to take a bit more effort to keep the passion burning. Gemini is open and up for exploring their boundaries, while Virgo tends to feel a little less bold in the bedroom. In order for them to find a happy middle ground, their sex life needs to be grounded in a desire to connect beyond the physical. This encourages Gemini to be be more patient and understanding, which in turn makes Virgo feel safer about opening up and trying new things.

The true strength of their connection is in their communication.
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The true secret to this couple's success lies in the fact that they share the ruling planet Mercury, which is the planet associated with communication. The true foundation for a successful relationship lies in strong and healthy communication, and where these two struggle, they can make up for it by being able to speak the same emotional language and find common ground.

Like I’ve said from the start, this couple's astrological compatibility is not exactly off the charts, but that actually tells us something interesting about their connection. The fact that they've stayed together and seemingly solid despite their differences shows that they're both willing to put in the work it takes to overcome them, and that says more about the longevity and health of their relationship than their signs ever could.

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