Snapchat Gave iPhone X Users Exclusive Filters & They're Super Realistic


Every time there's a new iPhone X update, us non-X-using plebeians feel so left out. Oh, there's four new additions to the Animoji library that we can't use? Or wait, how about those rumors currently circulating about a potential all-gold iPhone X? It's not like I'm salty about it or anything. But if you're one of many with the latest iPhone technology, you should probably know that a bunch of Snapchat filters for iPhone X users were released on Friday, April 6. And yes, they're super exclusive, so you better believe I have a serious case of FOMO right now.

That's right: New Snapchat lenses were released to iPhone X users on April 6 at 12 a.m. ET, and they're way more realistic than the others. Like Animojis, which iPhone X users can actually send to non-X users via text, the new Snapchat lenses will only be available to use for anyone with an iPhone X. Other smart phone models won't be able to use them, because they're created using TrueDepth technology. And sadly, TrueDepth is a feature exclusive to iPhone X devices. Sorry, fellow non-X-using friends, I guess we'll just have to stick to the basic Snapchat lenses. Whatever, I'll wear those extra AF puppy ears, nose, and the long, extendable tongue loud and proud until the day I die.

If you haven't already seen the super exclusive iPhone X Lenses (or if, like myself, you literally can't see them), I'll admit that they're really cool. Among the newest lenses include a green Mardi Gras-type mask, a Day of the Dead skull and flower crown mask, and a dainty gold-lined masquerade eye mask. Yes I know, they all look amazing, and I know that I'll never be able to actually use them myself. Just keep on rubbing it in my face, why don't you? It's fine. I'm fine.

Amanda Fama
Amanda Fama
Amanda Fama

The main difference that separates these exclusive lenses from other basic Snapchat lenses is that they stick to the user's face much more tightly. The lenses are supposed to better reflect the surrounding light, blur the background, and more accurately include small details. This is why the mask looks more realistic than other basic Snapchat lenses. You know how sometimes it looks like your Snapchat lens is falling off your face? Yeah, these don't do that. It's pretty nice.

If you're not about to get an iPhone X, then join the club. iPhone X users can have fun with their super exclusive Snapchat filters on their own. Honestly, it's so fine, because now I can actually just make my own Snapchat lenses, and each of them are going to be super unique and original. On Thursday, Feb. 8, Snapchat announced that they were introducing the ability to create DIY selfie Snapchat Lenses — and it's actually pretty easy to use. You can send out your original lenses through the app or on the computer, and all you do to create them is go to your Snapchat Settings and select Filters and Lenses. Then you can select a pre-made Snapchat face Lens template, and either write your own message, or use a custom filter image. And voila, you just created a totally cool lens of your own.

OK so I'll admit it — I'm pretty jealous I don't have an iPhone X right now, if you couldn't tell. Each of the X-exclusive lenses are look awesome, and they fit your face like an actual mask. Instead of wallowing over the fact that I don't have an X to see or use these, though, I'm totally gonna go make my own. BRB. If you need me, I'll be out here getting my DIY on.