This Dating App Is Like Being In A 'Love Is Blind' Pod

by Candice Jalili
Witthaya Prasongsin/Moment/Getty Images

If you've been obsessed with watching Love Is Blind, then S'More is the dating app for you. S'More, which is short for "Something More," launched in late 2019 and tests out the same experiment as your favorite reality dating show: Is love really blind? (That said, no presh on getting engaged sight unseen — that's not this app's goal.)

What sets S'More apart is that users can't see their potential matches' photos right away. Every day, users are presented with five recommended profiles. At that point, all a user can see are two extremely vague details. For example, you might see "eyes" and "sports" or "technology" and "summer." If the keywords pique your interest, you can tap on their name to learn more from their profile. There, you can access information ranging from their turn-ons to their favorite songs, and listen to their voice recordings that answer various questions.

Once you strike up a conversation, additional elements of their profile will be revealed — including their social media profiles, and yes, their pictures.

In addition, the app keeps potential creeps at bay by giving each user a publicly visible score based on how respectful and kind they've been toward other users on the app. S'More also uses facial recognition technology in order to reduce the risk of matching with a catfish.

The app had a limited launch in January in Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York and already has 11,000 users. Early reviews in the App Store are positive, though some complain about tech glitches. "The ability to listen to their favorite music and hear their voice before I see their photos is super cool and fun and makes the conversations more interesting," wrote one user. "This app is so refreshing and much needed. It’s easy to use and great way to meet new people," wrote another, adding "Thank you to the creators of it for brining something more to the dating app scene."

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