Skincare By Hyram Rated Celebrity Skincare Brands & The Tea Is Piping

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Get your cup of tea ready, because Skincare by Hyram rated celebrity skincare brands, and he didn't hold back. If you love keeping up with beauty news, then you know pretty much every celebrity and their grandmother has released a skincare line, particularly over the past couple years. However, just because you love the creator, doesn't mean your skin will love all of their products. Rather than drop all your money on a bunch of celebrity skincare brands to see what works best, you can just turn to your favorite BeauTuber Hyram for all the tea.

For his ranking system, Hyram used three different tiers. The best of the best are dubbed "Red Carpet Moment," the OK-but-not-amazing are "Nice for Decor," and then there's the dreaded "Donate Now" category. To get started, the BeauTuber discusses Paris Hilton's brand ProD.N.A. The natural formulas impressed Hyram, but the expensive pricing made him rank it as just "Nice for Decor." Alongside Hilton's brand, Millie Bobby Brown's Florence by Mills also didn't dazzle him due to the slightly irritating ingredients. (Although, he did admit he's likely not the target demo for this brand.)

Two brands that really blew Hyram away were Venus Williams' EleVen and Humanrace by Pharrell Williams. Venus' two sunscreens are mineral-based, fragrance-free, and have a bunch of other qualities that make Hyram go gaga. Meanwhile, Humanrace wowed the YouTuber with its accessibility and hydrating properties. Next, even though he likes JLO Beauty products, its higher prices knock it out of a "Red Carpet Moment" and into a lower category.

The first brand to get sent to "Donate Now" is Kylie Skin. Hyram doesn't say anything particularly bad about the skincare line, but he does note that, to him, Jenner's heart didn't really seem like it was in the collection. Another brand that Hyram struggled with is Miranda Kerr's KORA Organics and its heavy use of essential oils. Still, he appreciates the brand's commitment to innovation.

The third brand to make its way into the coveted "Red Carpet Moment" ranking is Josie Maran. Its products are geared toward dry skin, but the formulas are, according to Hyram, out of this world. Meanwhile, Fenty Skin, which he finds a bit controversial due to its fragrances, didn't amaze the skincare guru. But, since it's Rihanna and prioritizes sustainable packaging and diversity, it slides into the "Nice for Decor" group.

Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba immediately hit all of Hyram's skincare benchmarks. It's natural and super accessible, and the guru says he has more Honest Beauty reviews on deck. Last (and a little bit least), is Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop. "Goop is, in my opinion, a large source of misinformation and pseudoscience in the cosmetics industry," Hyram said in the video. "A lot of product's on Goop's website are ... essentially gentrifying traditional and indigenous cosmetics goods." He goes on to say that, for him, the price points are too high for what they are, and it's simply not a brand he can get behind.

My skincare king's tea is scalding but so accurate. While a lot of the celebrity skincare products didn't blow him away, I stan a BeauTuber who makes sure I'm not wasting my money.

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