SKIMS Is Coming To Nordstrom, & Soon You Can Shop The Brand IRL

While I've already placed a handful of SKIMS orders, I admit that shopping for solutionwear online isn't always the easiest task. When it comes to both cozy loungewear and sculpting shapewear, it's all about the right materials — Are the PJs soft enough? Is the undergarment too restrictive? — so feeling them IRL is key. Fortunately, the news that SKIMS is coming to Nordstrom means I'll be able to try out even more pieces from the brand first-hand. What's more, I won't even have to pay shipping! As a huge SKIMS fan, I'm more than thrilled. PSA to all my friends: You'll be gifted SKIMS purchased at Nordstrom for all future birthdays, holidays, and special events.

I've been hyping up SKIMS for so long now, it's hard to believe it's only been a cool five months since the brand debuted. The company is less than half a year old, and I already own more SKIMs pieces than I'm comfortable admitting. From here on out, my collection will only grow, as they've just announced the brand will be available in 25 Nordstrom stores nationwide, as well as online at “It was a natural choice to bring SKIMS to Nordstrom as our first retail partner,” said Kim Kardashian West in the brand's press release. “I am thrilled to bring SKIMS to Nordstrom knowing that both fans of the brand and those discovering SKIMS for the first time will have an exceptional shopping experience.”

While I'm sure SKIMS had their choice of retail partners, Kardashian said the decision to work with Nordstrom came down to inclusivity:

"Nordstrom is renowned for its unmatched customer service and inclusive size offerings," said Kardashian in the press release, echoing a similar statement in a video posted to the brand's Instagram. "It was essential to me that we launch with the full range of sizes and shades that SKIMS has to offer, which is a value shared by Nordstrom," she said. Of course, the brand's stand-alone website isn't going anywhere, but if you're looking for a new way to shop SKIMS in 2020, you can find the brand in select Nordstrom stores (Check out the full list) as well as on the Nordstrom site come Feb. 5.