A blonde woman cuts a turkey with her little cousin at the holiday kids' table.
Why Sitting At The Kids' Table On Xmas Is Way Better In Your 20s


Having your whole family together for the holidays means one thing: an amazing dinner will be served. You can't wait for homemade pumpkin pie, sippin' eggnog by the fire, and catching up with your cousins. When it's time to round up everyone to eat, you're once again assigned to the kids' table. Growing up, you may have wanted to sit at the adults' table, but quite honestly, sitting at the kids' table is better in your 20s than you ever expected it to be.

You've seen the memes about being stuck at the kids' table well into your adult years, but the table with your cousins and siblings who are your age or younger is actually the place to be. For starters, these seven things make the holiday such a better experience when you're enjoying your Christmas ham and mashed potatoes. Not only do you get to avoid the interrogations and serious conversations, but you get to be surrounded with people you love and all of the tasty food you don't have to fight over for seconds with your uncle for.

So this Christmas if you've been assigned the kids' table yet again, be happy to know you're right where you actually want to be.

You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Cousins

Over the holidays, you can't wait to catch up with your cousins. You may not be able to see them very often, and this is your one chance a year to really get the rundown on what's new in their lives. Instead of having to share the focus with your aunts and uncles, this gives you quality bonding time.

You Can Avoid Any Pressing Questions

No one wants to continually answer questions about who you're dating, why you're not married yet, or what "working from home" is all about. That's what you might expect when you're surrounded by the adults in your family. The kids' table is a judgement-free zone where you don't have to answer any of those pressing questions. (Phew.)

The Convo Topics May Be More Lightheaded And Fun

At the kids' table, you can toss talking about politics out the window. You don't need to be on edge that someone will say something that goes against your political views, or be in the middle of an awkward political debate. You and your cousins and siblings can spend most of the dinner talking about your favorite TV shows, or which member of BTS is your fave.

You Can Laugh About Your Inside Jokes, And Make New Ones

It's always a fun time when your cousins and siblings are around. You probably have so many inside jokes that come flooding back the minute you see them. The kids' table is the best spot in the house to reminisce on those inside jokes over and over again, and even make some new ones.

Your Cousins Make You Feel Super Cool
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There's nothing better than feeling like one of the coolest people at the table. Your little cousins and younger siblings admire you so much and look up to you as a role model. They might spend most of the dinner asking you questions about your "adult" life in the city, and even come to you for life advice.

You Get A Lesson On What's Cool With The Kids

Since you have the perfect resource of kids all around, now's a great time to get a rundown on what's "cool" and trending. For example, if you're still trying to figure out what's the best kind of video to post on TikTok, have your younger cousins break it down for you. Take all the valuable intel you get from dinner and bring it back to your friends.

The Table Selfies Are #Fire

There's no denying that the selfies at the kids' table will be so Instagram-worthy. You can feel free to get silly with your pics, and even get some help from your cousins on what the perfect IG caption should be.