Sisters Who Rarely Fight Can Seriously Relate To These 7 Things

Fights happen, even with people you care most about in this world. You've probably heard horror stories about your friends getting into fights with their siblings, and it makes you cringe, because you and your sis are the complete opposite of that. Every time you hear about sisters fighting, you want to rush to your main squeeze and give her the biggest hug. You may not know a lot of sisters who rarely fight, but you're so glad to be part of the club.

I'm 26 years old, and I can barely count on one hand the amount of times my sister and I got into a heated argument. In our case, we learned so much after the first couple of fights, it has prevented others from happening. I'd like to think I'm pretty lucky for that, because I don't know what I'd do without the close bond I have with my sister.

Sisters can grow to be tighter than ever, but that's because they've experienced and worked out the kinks in their friendship. It's a crummy feeling being in a fight with your sis, and you are both very lucky if you've only gone through it a couple of times. Every sister relationship is unique, but for the ones out there who hardly ever fight, you know these seven things to be all too true.

People Don't Believe You When You Tell Them You Hardly Fight

People have such a difficult time believing you when you tell them you and your sister don't fight. Part of you understands where they're coming from, but the other half can't fathom why you would even need a reason to.

Your Parents Try To Take All The Credit For Your Epic Relationship

Your parents use the sisterly relationship you have as a golden platform to brag about how they raised you right. On the one hand, parenting can be difficult AF, so you don't really blame them for trying to take all of the credit. On the other hand, you know it's all because of you two.

The Little Fights You Had Were Over The Dumbest Things

Looking back, the small number of fights you've had with your sis weren't over anything major. You may have fought over something she said that was taken out of context, or not returning that cute dress you borrowed from her closet. Looking back, these fights were petty AF, so should they even be classified as fights?

Stories About Other Sisters Fighting Literally Terrify You

I've heard a good amount of stories about sisters fighting. I'm definitely not judging, because I know the sister dynamic is not the same for everyone. But when you rarely fight with your sis, hearing intense stories about sisters who do, can leave you pretty shook.

You Don't Remember The Last Time You Heard Your Sister Yell

Yeah, you've heard your sister scream-sing those Cardi B lyrics while jamming out in the car. But yelling? Not so much. Hearing her yell out of anger, at least with you, hardly ever happens — and it'll catch you off guard when you do actually hear it. You'll be too busy having her back before you have time to sit down and really think about it.

You're Upfront If Something Bothers You

Being completely honest about your emotions is how you roll with your sis. You and your sister likely have an open door policy when it comes to something that gets under your skin. This honest line of communication keeps you from fighting, because you're not bottling anything up. At the end of the day, it's you two verses the problem, not each other.

You Get Extra Offended When Other People Fight With Your Sis

It's a principle thing. If I don't even fight with my sister, what makes you think you have the audacity to? I'm a blood relative, and you're just someone with an opposing opinion. When you have that sort of thinking, you instantly get really upset when a so-called "friend" tries to start something with your sis. How dare they, am I right?

At the end of the day, your sister is not only your blood, but also your best friend. You'd go to the end of the world for that chick... in that pair of shoes you never returned to her closet.