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Here's Why You Need Your MBTI Personality Type In Your Tinder Bio ASAP

by Candice Jalili

It's impossible to sum up your entire personality for prospective suitors on Tinder. Even if you name-check your love of pineapple pizza, The Bachelor, and LUSH bath bombs, there are a million more factors responsible for making you tick. So, should you put your Myers-Briggs personality type in your Tinder bio? According to new data from Tinder, that appears to be an increasingly popular choice. Tinder tells Elite Daily that in 2019, mentions of Myers-Briggs personality types were more common than shoutouts to Drake, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things combined. I think that might officially might make it the most 2019 thing ever?

Introverts are more likely to share their personality type than extroverts, according to Tinder, and INFJs — those big dreamers who are equal parts sensitive and shy — are most likely to make their type known to potential matches. With just 1% of the population classified as INFJs, that's pretty surprising.

Something else people are unabashedly posting on their Tinder bios? The causes they're most passionate about. According to the reps for Tinder, mentions of climate change on bios went up by 80% in 2019 alone. They also noted that "the environment, social justice, volunteer, equality and of course, politics" all became more frequent elements of people's bios in 2019. So, if there's an issue you're passionate about, weave it into your bio. Odds are you'll be able to quickly find someone who feels the same way that you do.


Finally, if you're a Tinder user who's interested in the stars, you're so not alone. Mentions of specific zodiac signs in bios grew by 16% in 2019, with Leos being the most likely to brag about their sign. (Is anyone surprised?)

So, what should you do with all of this information? Well, from what I gather, you should use your bio to highlight the most authentic version of yourself, whether that means flaunting your personality type, favorite cause, or zodiac sign. If none of that appeals to you, and you'd rather throw in a funny one-liner and call it a day, do you. Just be yourself, people!