7 Guys Explain Why They Do Or Don't Include Their Height In Their Dating App Bio

by Jamie Kravitz

I'm 5'4", and while I do like tall guys (who doesn't?), I'm pretty neutral when it comes to the ongoing debate over whether you should put your height in your bio. That being said, I can't even count the ridiculous number of times I've seen men on dating apps write their height followed by "since apparently that matters."

Sometimes that's all they write, too. Like, their bio just says "6'1." How am I supposed to get to know you if that's the only thing you're telling me?

It's pretty obvious that men think women place too much importance on height, and maybe some women do. Height isn't everything, but I do get why it matters, especially to taller women. On an app based on "like" at first sight, leaving out your height could seem like you're trying to hide something.

In an Elite Daily study of 100 men on Tinder, 27 percent of men who chose to write bios included their heights. Of those men, 77 percent of men were six feet or taller. In other words, tall guys like to tell their matches that they're tall. Short or average guys don't really broadcast their height.

Because I can only speculate about the exact reasons behind that data, I decided to go straight to the source. I talked to seven guys to find out if they put their height in their dating app bios, and why (or why not). I was pleasantly surprised by my findings. It may feel like every guy wants to list their height, but many of these men said differently.

This guy doesn't want to come off as shallow.

It just screams that you're superficial. I don't want to come off that way. Another huge reason is I don't want to be with someone who's gonna care if I'm 5' 7" vs 6' 4".

- Gil, 22

This guy initially listed his height, but later changed his mind.

I tried '6' 1" let’s have some fun' at one point but I don’t anymore. I think it’s kind of douchey.

- Andrew, 21

This guy doesn't think it should matter.

I don’t, because if I show that it matters to me, it’s telling them it should matter to them. I’m around average height and I can’t change it, so if someone has a problem with my height then I don’t need to entertain them.

- Preston, 22

This guy is tall and he knows it.

'6' 3" NYC' because I’m tall.

- Raymond, 24

This guy accepts it's something he can't change.

It's stupid and something people have no control over, so why hold it against them?

- Tyler, 22

This guy won't even try if he's shorter than you.

I don’t, because it doesn’t matter to me. But if a girl puts her height, and I’m shorter, I won’t bother because that’s her saying it matters to her.

- Freddie, 22

This guy thinks it's best to be upfront.

I put my height in my bio because I'm always asked about it — not up front, but after a few messages. I don't really care about a girl's height. And even if I weren't 6' 1", I'd probably still put my height in my bio. The truth comes out either way.

- John, 22

When asked why he thought some guys do list their height, Tyler didn't hold back his opinion:

Why do they show their abs or a pic with them and their dog? Online dating is a people meat market. Gotta show everyone you're the best cut.

The world of dating apps is rough enough already. Consider giving these guys a chance. If you truly connect with a match, does his height really matter?

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