Shay Mitchell's BÉIS Shearling Collection Is Here & I Want It All

Traveling has taught me a multitude of lessons, like how to navigate a train station when the signs are in another language and how to get through long and exhausting flights. But the more trips I take around the globe, the more I learn that having proper luggage is essential for getting effortlessly from Point A to Point B. That's why I'm giving you the stylish scoop on Shay Mitchell's BÉIS shearling collection.

It's incredibly chic, and I want it all. The totes look like they're right off the runways at New York Fashion Week, with modern handles and sleek materials. However, each bag also looks practical, like it could easily fit your hydrating face masks, headphones, and a journal to take down memories from your dreamy experiences. Each item combines style with function in a way that millennial travelers — like you — will love and appreciate.

I mean, think about your latest vacation to the beautiful beaches and cities in Europe, or even your long weekend to Las Vegas for your best friend's bachelorette party. What was your biggest concern? Odds are, you wanted your #look to be Instagram-worthy and to carry your many belongings through the airport with ease. You wanted to be able to slip your carry-on bag underneath your seat on the plane so you had constant access to your book, gum, and hand sanitizer, but not worry about it being damaged in the process.

With the messenger totes, convertible bum bags, and crossbody bags in this collection, those concerns will disappear. Here's what you need to know about Shay Mitchell BÉIS shearling collection.


First off, let me note that this collection is already live. Its cute bags dropped on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019 around the globe on BÉ and in Nordstrom retail stores and online. They're ready for you to purchase and add to your fall wardrobe as soon as possible. If you listen closely, I bet you can even hear the versatile fanny packs and petite phone holders begging to be shipped to your home and taken along on your cozy weekenders in New England.

Before I tell you more on how to shop them, I want to give you a better idea of the products and features you can expect. For example, The Messenger Tote is made out of faux leather. It has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, so you can carry it different ways when you're on-the-go. It can be folded over into an oversized clutch, and can carry up to about 30 pounds worth of items too. The retail price for this item is $68, which is incredibly ideal for a tote that'll make your time on the road so much easier.

The Convertible Bum Bag is smaller and costs $48. It takes wearing a fanny pack to the next level. It's so soft and easy to put things into, because it has secure zip pockets, and will strap onto your suitcase or shoulder with zero hassle. It also comes in neutrals colors (black and beige) so you can pick which one matches best with the rest of your attire or luggage set.

Last but not least is an item I wish I had during my semester abroad in college: The Mini Crossbody. For $38, this piece can perfectly fit your phone (It's big enough to fit up to an iPhone 8+), chapstick, extra bottle of mascara, and credit card. Not to mention, it can be put into a larger carry-on bag for organizational purposes. The cute and chic bag will help you get quickly and efficiently through the lines at the airport.


Especially when you're sightseeing or going on exciting excursions in a new city, this is the bag you want because it's not bulky and allows you to focus on the sights and sounds of the area you're in. As Shay Mitchell put it in the press release from BÉIS, "This bag is low impact and petite, but packs in enough space for all of the essentials." It's a much-needed "glorified wallet and phone holder."

She also stated via the press release that the collection is timeless with its shearling details and can work well with a variety of looks. "These bags make the perfect fall accessory, dress them up with this season's animal prints, a moody lip and statement jacket, or keep the look laid back with your favorite pair of denim and cozy sweater,” Mitchell stated.

To shop the whole collection, simply head to the BÉIS website or to your local Nordstrom store and pick up the item (or items) you think will best support your upcoming travel plans and fall style goals. Ready, jet-set, and go.