Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star's New YouTube Series Has Fans Freaking Out


With a private jet, stressful phone calls, a proposal, a breakdown in the bathroom, screaming fans, a lot of makeup, and major YouTuber drama, the trailer for Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's new YouTube series The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star doesn't hold anything back. Dawson has been teasing the new project for several months, so the Sept. 24 trailer release has been a long time coming. And naturally, it has fans sounding alarms all over social media.

In just over 12 hours of being released, the new trailer received 5 million views and quickly started trending number one on YouTube. Considering the popularity of its protagonists, these stats aren't all that surprising: Makeup mogul Star has a loyal YouTube following of more than 16 million subscribers; Dawson, a longtime member of the YouTube community, has over 22 million.

Of course, many of the viewers seem most excited to get a behind-the-scenes look at the infamous feud between James Charles and Tati Westbrook. In the trailer, Dawson and his fiancé Ryland Adams are seen gasping at the same time, as the camera turns to show Tati's now-deleted "BYE SISTER" YouTube video, in which she publicly cut ties with Charles. Even though a number of long, back-and-forth videos from the Charles and Westbrook debacle have somewhat lifted the curtain to explain what happened between them, nothing can compare to watching the drama as it all unfolded, so the fans' excitement about seeing it all from another perspective is more than understandable.


It's obvious the series will provide an inside look into the hectic, dramatic, and luxurious life of Star, complete with all of its ups and downs. Many YouTube fans will know this won't be Dawson's first time giving viewers insight into the "real" Star. In 2018, he posted "The Secret World of Jeffree Star," a wildly popular video that revealed more about Star as a person and spawned multiple follow-up videos. Dawson has also done similar videos with Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul, the latter of which caused so much controversy that #ShaneDawsonisOverParty became one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter. The aftermath of this scandal was also documented and will be shown in the new series.

Truly, it would be impossible to show the life of Star without peeking into the dramas of other famous YouTubers, which is why the series will not focus solely on Star. Dawson himself seems to be in a big chunk of the action, as the trailer teased his proposal to Adams and his own reaction to the drama with Westbrook and Charles (which definitely included tears).

Throughout their experiences within the tight-knit YouTube community, Star and Dawson have become not only close friends, but also a dynamic duo whose joint videos are all but guaranteed to bring in dozens of millions of views. This upcoming series will likely only make that reputation stronger; fans are currently scream-tweeting in restless anticipation for the show, which is set to debut on YouTube on Oct. 1.