A Shake Shack burger sits on a tray with lettuce, tomato, and cheese, wrapped in paper.

Shake Shack's Burger Kits Just Upgraded Lunch At Home & You Burger Believe It

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Are you in the mood for some Shake Shack right about now? Well, it just got a whole lot easier for you to enjoy your favorite burgers from the comforts of your home, thanks to Shake Shack's burger kits. This new DIY Shake Shack x Pat LaFrieda ShackBurger® Kit includes everything you need to create the iconic burgers you know and love. The best part is, the kit will be delivered straight to your doorstep — and you burger believe it.

For all major fans of Shake Shack, it's hard not to wonder what goes into making their delicious menu items every time you order. With each ShackBurger® Kit, you'll receive the fresh ingredients you need to whip up a yummy meal. According to Goldbelly, each kit will include ingredients to make a total of eight burgers. That's perfect for you and your roomies or family to share.

The kits will include eight of Shake Shack's Pat LaFrieda Angus beef patties, eight Martin’s Potato Rolls, slices of American cheese, and four ounces of their speciality ShackSauce™, which is enough for eight servings. The only assembly that's required of you is cooking the patties, toasting the buns, and adding the cheese and sauce. That will give you a good base to work with, and the rest of the toppings are up to you.

To complete a perfect ShakeBurger® right off the menu, you'll also want to get some fresh lettuce, tomato, butter, salt, and pepper from the store. Some additional toppings are: pickles, onions, bacon, and other condiments, but the choices are up to you. When you're at home, you get to call the shots, so have it as is or do it up.

If you really want to recreate a Shake Shack meal at home, try to find crinkle cut fries at the store, or you can always try to make your own with a copycat recipe. Enjoy plain fries, or make cheese sauce to pour over the top.

Don't forget the shake portion as well. There are also copycat recipes online for Shake Shack's infamous chocolate shake that you can recreate at home. Once you've got your burger, fries, and shake all prepared, it's time to dig in. Snap a pic of your final home-cooked meal, and share it on Instagram for your fellow foodies to swoon over. You can even use a witty cheeseburger caption to top off your post just perfectly.

If you're wondering how to get your hands on one of these speciality DIY kits, you can order a kit straight from Goldbelly for $49. Each kit will be shipped from a Shake Shack store Monday through Friday, and delivered right to your door. It is recommended that you enjoy your Shake Shack burgers within one week of them arriving to you, but honestly, how can you wait? Once those kits arrive, you'll want to make it burger time ASAP.

Enjoy your burgers outside on the patio if you've got one, and it'll be like you're in Madison Square Park enjoying your favorite meal at the OG location. It'll be like you and your tastebuds travelled to NYC without ever having to change out of your PJs and leave home.

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