Shailene Woodley Finally Confirmed She’s Engaged To Aaron Rodgers

by Candice Jalili
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ah! I come bearing some very exciting news! After months of rumors and speculation, Shailene Woodley confirmed she’s engaged to Aaron Rodgers. “Yes, we are engaged. We are engaged. But, for us, it’s not new news. So, it’s kind of funny everybody right now is freaking out over it,” she told host Jimmy Fallon during a Feb. 22 appearance on The Tonight Show. “We’re like, ‘Yeah we’ve been engaged for a while.'”

So, is Rodgers the kind of guy the actress saw herself winding up with? Not exactly. “I never thought I’d be engaged to someone who threw balls for a living," she joked. "I never thought as a little girl, ‘Yeah when I grow up I’m going to marry someone who throws balls, yeah!'"

“But he’s really just so go good at it,” she conceded. “I’m very impressed.” She's not the only one who was impressed, either. She joked that her dog was also infatuated by all of the potential games of fetch. "When I first met him, my dog pulled me aside and was like, ‘If you don’t date this dude, I will disown you as my mother because the three feet that I run when you throw the ball is nothing compared to the marathon I’m able to run with him.'"

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That said, it's not the Green Bay Packers quarterback's skills on the football field that drew her to him. In fact, before diving into his football skills, she gushed that "he’s, first off, just a wonderful incredible human being." She later added, “I don’t know him as the football guy. I know him as like the nerd who wants to host ‘Jeopardy!’ That’s the dude I know.”

In fact, Woodley still hasn't even been to a football game. "I still have never been to a football game because we met during this whacky time and all the stadiums were closed that he was playing in, so I’m yet to go to a football game," she explained. "Before I met him, I’d never seen one football game before. I didn’t really grow up with sports."

Rumors that Woodley and Rodgers were dating first started swirling around on Feb. 3. Then, on Feb. 6, Rodgers alerted the masses that he was engaged when he thanked his fiancée while accepting his MVP award during the NFL Honors. Though he didn't mention Woodley by name, fans were quick to assume it was her. And it looks like they were right!