Shailene & Aaron's Astrological Compatibility Is A Bit Challenging

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If you haven't already heard, Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers are reportedly engaged, which is news I don't think anyone was expecting. The actor and the Green Bay Packers QB seemingly have little in common, and though Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers' astrological compatibility isn't ideal, the two do share a surprising cosmic connection. Both Woodley and Rodgers have met with celeb astrologer Debra Silverman for readings, and strangely enough, Rodgers met Silverman at the concert of Woodley's rumored ex-boyfriend, Nahko Bear. Coincidence? Perhaps. But their shared love of astrology and serendipitous connection make me believe Woodley and Rodgers are the real deal, even if their zodiac signs aren't the greatest match.

Woodley was born on Nov. 15, which makes her a Scorpio. Rodgers' birthday falls on Dec. 2, making him a Sagittarius. While these two aren't the most compatible match in the zodiac, they're definitely not the worst. Both signs value deep connections built on intellect, and they tend to enjoy a certain degree of space and freedom in relationships. They're also both honest (sometimes to a fault) and always face challenges head-on. However, when it comes to trust, a Scorpio-Sag pairing tends to have very little of it.

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Few people are quite as ambitious as Scorpios. Those born under this water sign tend to set lofty goals for themselves, and they pursue those goals with unerring determination. From her environmental activism to political involvement, Woodley has certainly proven herself to be someone who fights for her beliefs, and during a New York Times interview in August 2017, Woodley even discussed the possibility of running for Congress someday. "Who knows?" she said. "Life is big, and I'm young."

But for all their bravado and passion, Scorpios tend to be a bit morose, which is what makes them such complex individuals. As Woodley explained to InStyle in May 2019, "I don't trust anyone. Dating's hard. I mean, I love sex. I love the power of emotional connection via physicality ... But love is scary." Scorpios are introverts to their core, and if it was up to them, they'd probably avoid being around people all together. "I can play the game of being an extrovert when I need to — it's a big part of my job — but my happy place is honestly being alone," Woodley told the New York Times in April 2020. Major Scorpio vibes right there.

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Like Scorpios, Sagittarians are known for their impressive ambition, and that's def true of Rodgers. The athlete always strives to be the best he can be, and as he explained to Artful Living in October 2018, "When you get complacent, you stop growing, in life and in football." Complacency has no place in a Sag's life, and as a mutable sign, the archers of the zodiac are always open to growth and change, unlike Scorpios, who tend to stubbornly stick to what they know.

For Sags, relationships can be a struggle, as they can't stand to be tied down by anything or anyone. They're willfully independent people, after all, so they want to constantly embrace new experiences. As Rodgers told during a January 2021 interview, he's all about "traveling, seeing new cultures and environments, and meeting new people all over the world." Those born under this fire sign are endlessly optimistic and totally spontaneous, and if their partner can't keep up, Sags won't hesitate to bid them adieu.

Scorpios and Sags may share their drive and passion, but a Sagittarius' impulsively can make it difficult for them to earn a Scorpio's trust. Likewise, a Scorpio's intensity can be draining for a freedom-loving Sag. I guess only time will tell whether Woodley and Rodgers can overcome a little astrological incompatibility.

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