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These Zodiac Signs Will Live Their Best Lives The Week Of September 9


Even though the universe might feel confusing this week, there's no way you won't feel entertained by the astrology slated to take place. It's still Virgo season, which means you have the power to focus all your attention on one thing and flesh out so many details. Use this time to deconstruct the patterns in your life and create better habits. I know that sounds tedious, but trust me, you're going to love the whole process, especially because September 9, 2019 will be the best week for these zodiac signs.

On Sep. 9, Mars — planet of assertion and courage — will form a trine with disciplined and mature Saturn. This will give you all the confidence and energy you need in order to step up to the plate and create something sustainable. Whatever you create has the power to truly transform who you are and how you see yourself. As the sun forms a trine to dark and truth-telling Pluto on Sep. 13, you can pull so much strength from your shadow and rise from your pain. Even if you've been knocked down a few times, these experiences taught you how to be resilient. And, believe me, you'll be feeling the desire to get more out of your life, especially when Mars forms a square with expansive and indulgent Jupiter on Sep. 12. With this transit, anything seems possible and abundance is just around the corner. Even though this energy may normally cause you to go overboard, the assistance from Saturn will provide you with stability.

If you were born with your sun or rising in Taurus, Virgo, or Libra, you're in for a beautiful ride. Here's why:


Taurus: You're Feeling Motivated And Ambitious About Your Art

When Mars forms a trine with Saturn, you'll feel so grown up and committed to your creativity. If you've been bursting with beautiful ideas but you haven't had the energy or the inspiration to carry them out, this is a beautiful week to see it through. When Mars forms a square to Jupiter, you'll desire to have loads of fun. Make sure you get out there and live a little.

Feel free to indulge in all the splendors the surround you, open your heart to romance, and get in touch with your inner child.

Virgo: You Have The Power To Become A More Confident Person

You're building yourself up and becoming a stronger, more courageous version of yourself. With Mars forming a trine with Saturn this week, you're not just thinking about growing and entertaining the idea of it. You're sinking your feet into the earth and laying down the groundwork for something major. As the sun forms a trine with Pluto, you're extracting so much strength from all the difficulties you've experienced.

When the full moon takes place in your seventh house of partnerships this week, you'll learn how to balance and extend your independence with others, as well as how to share your heart and implement boundaries.

Libra: You're Attracting Positive Attention Wherever You Go

By the end of the week, both Mercury and Venus will enter your first house of the self. This will spark up your mental juices, allowing you to think more clearly and get motivated about life. You've spent a long period existing in your own little world, but now, you're getting ready to come out of your shell.

With Venus in Libra, you'll find love and relationships are coming more naturally to you. In fact, you're attracting flirtatious and compassionate vibes from whoever you meet. Soak it up, Libra.