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This Week Will Be *Intense* For Everyone, But These 3 Signs Will Feel It Most


While it certainly can be fun, astrology can also be used to identify and explain some of the worst moments in your life. Astrology gives meaning to the most unbearable struggles, helping you understand how they've made you stronger. Even though September 7, 2020 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Libra, and Aquarius — it will be a pretty intense week for everybody. When you hear about the astrology slated to take place this week, it will all make sense.

Not only will this week feel challenging, it will also be incredibly confusing. For starters, Mars — planet of aggression, conflict, war, determination, and passion — stations retrograde as of Sept. 9. Believe it or not, this testy and inconvenient transit may even be more unbearable than Mercury retrograde. With Mars going haywire, it may be even more difficult to contain your frustration and deal with it in a healthy manner. Prepare to feel more impulsive, hot-headed, and possibly even more angry than usual. This retrograde can also leave you feeling uninspired in your work and turned off in the bedroom. Use this time to rediscover what really gets your mojo going by experimenting and being open-minded to all possibilities.

When the sun forms an opposition with hazy, emotional, and out-of-this-world Neptune, you may feel like you're drifting away from reality. But, perhaps a little dose of fantasy is exactly what you need right now. Just make sure you don't get carried too far away.

Here's how the following zodiac signs can make the best of it:


Taurus: You May Feel As Though You're Losing Control

This week, you may feel like everything is crashing in on you at once, Taurus. You may feel as though there are so many forces pulling you in so many different directions and you can't make everyone happy. However, most frustrating of all, you may not feel as though you have agency. It may feel as though decisions are being made for you, leaving you feeling like you don't have control. The cosmos are pushing you to find your voice again, Taurus. Remember, this is your life and you're in charge. If you need to place boundaries for yourself, do it.

Libra: Old Wounds May Be Reopening And Resurfacing

You may think you've healed from the past, Libra. You may think you're totally over it and past it. However, something will eventually remind you what happened and the memory will tear the wound open all over again. That's what inevitably happens when you try to move on before you've truly allowed yourself to feel the pain of it all. This week, give yourself space to feel your feelings. Although it will likely feel uncomfortable, it's an integral step in the process of healing that cannot be skipped. Make your heart your first priority this week, Libra.

Aquarius: You're Undergoing A Deep And Spiritual Shift Within

There are so many beautiful things about growing up and becoming more responsible and self-sufficient, Aquarius. However, it also comes with a whole lot of sacrifice. You're currently realizing that in order to get ahead and become the person you've always dreamed of being, you'll have to let go of so many things that meant a lot to you at one point. You have to forgo old habits in favor of new ones. You have to set aside your old priorities and commit to new ones. Give yourself time to adapt, Aquarius. This is a process.