Literally Everything Is On Sale At Sephora Right Now — But Not For Long!

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I'm not typically one to sign up for rewards programs or store credit cards, mainly because I detest email spam and will do anything to avoid it. There is, however, one retailer that I've made an exception for because their deals are so good. Sephora's VIB Sale 2018 is the seasonal cherry on top when it comes to the benefits of being an insider with the brand, and it kicked off today. So run — don't walk! — to your nearest black and white striped shop or head to their website ASAP to get some seriously good deals. There's no better time to refresh your beauty cabinet and stock up on spring 2018's beauty trend essentials.

Sephora holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons. For one, I first started shopping at it regularly when I was back in college and was studying abroad in Paris. In a foreign city, it was the one shop that I felt at home in, having previously perused a few of its stateside locations, and had products that I was used to seeing and knew the reputations of. (If you've ever been in a french "Pharmacie" then you know how alien its products can feel. Paris is also where I signed up for a Sephora Insider card, which continues to get me ace benefits with the retailer to this day. I can't tell you how many amazing free products I've earned through their points system or how special it is to get a free product for my birthday every year. I also recently include that my membership includes free beauty classes, which I will definitely be checking out soon. It rules.

In case you're not aware of Sephora's rewards program, there are three tiers to it: VIB Rouge is for individuals who spend at least $1,000 a year at the store, VIB is for individuals who spend at least $350 per year, and Insider is for everyone else (there is no minimum required to hold this card). If this sounds like something you want to be a part of (And trust me, it is!) you can sign up for your preferred tier on Sephora's website. Each tier comes with its own benefits, as is illuminated by the Spring Bonus sale.

The sale is offering 15 percent off of literally every item Sephora stocks to VIB Rouge and VIB members, while Insiders get 10 percent off. This applies to purchases made both in-store and online, meaning you can watch the savings roll in from the comfort of your couch. The sale only lasts through Monday night, which might seem like a small window, but VIP Rouge members have been able top shop it for a week; they were granted early access to the sale as a little thank you for their year-round support. This is where it pays to drop big beauty bucks.

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If you're planning to fill a virtual cart rather than shop in-store, make sure you remember to enter the appropriate discount code upon checkout. For VIB Rouge members, it's YAYROUGE; for VIB members, it's YAYVIB, and for Insiders, it's YAYINSIDER. The discount will not be applied automatically.

One other thing! I know I told you above that literally everything is fair game in the sale but there are actually a few exceptions (forgive me!). Anything by The Ordinary is off-limits and discounts can be applied to no more than one Dyson product and three Drunk Elephant products. Not bad at all, right?

And for the record, Sephora is not a heavy email spammer. Ah, how I love them so!