Excuse Me, But I Think Selena Gomez Straight Up Morphed Into Jennifer Aniston

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Selena Gomez is a style icon to many, but it turns out that her style icon is none other than fellow Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. The proof? Selena Gomez's black overalls recently worn around town made tons of fans flashback to one of Aniston's most iconic '90s fits, and TBH, I'm here for it! Not only did both women look fab in their black-and-white ensembles, but it's a great outfit recipe for an easy summer look, so I'll be copying Selena copying Jen ASAP. The more the merrier, right?

~Only '90s kids remember~ the iconic rom com Picture Perfect released in 1997, which focused on Aniston's character faking a husband to get a job promotion, having to track down her faux hubby, and of course, eventually falling in love with him. What I remember most, though, is how cute and stylish Aniston's character was. My fave look? The perfect white tee worn underneath a casual black mini dress, further dressed down with a baseball cap worn backwards, small sunnies, and pigtail braids. A flawless '90s fit, if you ask me, and Aniston looked amazing.

This look made layering and pigtails seem cool, so it was truly powerful:

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Obviously, I'm not the only one who remembers it well, according to Selena Gomez's friend, Connar Franklin, who posted the star rocking an almost identical look at a church service.

"I said 'Today's look...Jennifer Aniston.' @SelenaGomez said 'OKAY,'" Franklin captioned a side-by-side Instagram Story:

Connar Franklin/Instagram

First of all, this is so cute. Second of all, did Gomez just take this iconic look and make it even comfier by opting for a jumpsuit instead of a mini dress? Pants make everything better, people! Gomez is truly a genius, which we kind of already knew.

Gomez is all about comfort and feeling great in what you wear, so maybe she felt pants were a way to make Aniston's look her own:

Whether you prefer Aniston's original look or Gomez's modern-day update, this is such an easy recipe to copy for a great, simple summer outfit, and it all starts with a great white tee. Urban Outfitters happens to carry a ton of great staple T-shirts, and The Big Brother Tee ($20, would be the ideal layering piece in this situation.

The slight burnout vibes only add to the '90s appeal, IMHO:

If you're leaning towards Gomez's take, American Eagle happen to have a ton of cuty, comfy black jumpsuits at the moment. I love the simple, assymetrical button detail on the Knit Jumpsuit ($34, originally $45, I also think she'd love the slightly dressier Lace Trip Jumpsuit ($45, originally $60,, with its silky satin sheen.

Throw on a black onesie over your tee and you're good to go:

If Aniston's LBD is more your style, you can totally rock that look, too. Forever 21 is my go-to spot for a basic black dress, like the Bodycon Mini Dress ($18, in straight sizes and the Bodycon Dress ($18, in plus sizes.

Can you believe these are both under $20?

However you choose to rock it, this look is pure '90s gold, and I love that Gomez channeled Aniston for her cute off-duty fit. Stars, they're just like us!