This Convo Between Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams' Ex Joelle Fletcher Is Pure Gold

by Candice Jalili
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

If you're on the market for some pointers on how to strike up conversation with your partner's ex, you might want to check out Sarah Hyland and Joelle Fletcher's Instagram comments about Wells Adams for some inspiration. The conversation in question took place on an Instagram posted by E! News on March 27 promoting an interview they did with Adams regarding his experience on The Bachelorette. The post featured a picture of Adams going in for a hug with Fletcher alongside this quote: "I had just gotten broken up with and I was pretty beaten down. I got into a dark place like this was never going to work for me... If it does, it will be a super dope story to tell."

While coming across a picture of your fiancé going in for a hug with his ex might be uncomfortable for some, Hyland made it clear she's totally cool with her husband-to-be's relationship history. "Thanks for dumpin him," she wrote to Fletcher in the comments alongside kissy emoji. (Yes, Hyland legit tagged her fiancé's ex. Bold move.)

And! Just when you thought the exchange couldn't get any more amicable, Fletcher responded, "lol! I think it allllll worked out perfectlyyyyyy 😘❤️ love u guys!"

In the March 25 interview with E! News, Adams spoke candidly about his time on Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette.

Believe it or not, Adams admitted he wasn't exactly shocked that he didn't wind up snagging Fletcher's final rose. "It became pretty evident that she liked other guys a lot more than myself," he explained. "Before that, I was like I think I'm just like her buddy... I think that I have a leg up over the other guys because I can hold a conversation better and then she was like, ‘We're just not that far along.'"

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While he wasn't able to snag Fletcher's heart, the radio DJ was able to capture the hearts of Bachelor Nation fans across the globe. But not without some conscious effort on his end.

"I was always good at self-editing because I had the FCC breathing down my neck every day [in my radio career] so I was able to go on that show and say what I wanted to say without saying the thing everyone wanted me to say and sounding stupid," he explained. "[I would] say everyone's name before saying the funny or crazy thing so they couldn't edit it differently. I was smart enough about that to not look stupid on TV."

All in all, it seems like things panned out well for Adams. He's now engaged to Hyland, who started crushing on him while watching Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, and has solidified his spot in the Bachelor Nation Hall of Fame as an undeniable fan fave. Meanwhile, Fletcher is still happily engaged to Jordan Rodgers, who she met on her season of The Bachelorette.