Wells & Sarah's Relationship Timeline Is A Straight-Up Fairytale

by Candice Jalili
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are you guys ready to behold the straight-up cutest thing you've ever seen? OK, well, Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland's relationship timeline is basically like your favorite rom-com (minus that super stressful part in the middle where you're legit scared they're not going to end up together, even though it's your 100th time watching this movie and you obviously know they're going to end up together).

The couple announced their engagement on social media on July 16, but they've already shared a super long and exciting journey over the past two years. From health scares to Halloween costumes to cross-country moves, it's been a long ride for these two lovebirds. Get ready to relive each wonderful moment.

July 2016: Hyland starts crushing hard on Adams.

Believe it or not, it was actually Hyland who started crushing on Adams first. Hyland, a big fan of The Bachelor franchise, spotted Adams on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette. She was immediately smitten with him — so much so that she decided to take to Twitter to express her to fangirl feelings for him before they even met.

"Ugh! @WellsAdams making a Lord of the Flies reference on men tell all??? #knewhewasthebestfromthestart #menwhoreadarehot," she wrote in the first tweet. Then, as if that wasn't enough, she added, "Also @WellsAdams compared Chad to Voldemort. #potterheadsarethebest."

Adams dug up her old tweets for an adorable TBT two years after the fact.

August 2017: They flirt on Twitter.

OK, so Hyland first expressed her love for Adams back in 2016, but it wasn't really until August of 2017 that the two started flirting with each other on the social media platform.

Hyland was fangirling over Adams again when he was the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise, and this time, Adams really took note. "OH MY GOD @WellsAdams IS THE FRIKKIN BARTENDER?! Best. Season. Ever. #BachelorInParadise," Hyland wrote. "Taking applications for #BIP5 bar backs now. Please send references..Preferably from Phil Dunphy. I'm kidding the job is yours @Sarah_Hyland," Adams replied. Aww!

The two started flirting back-and-forth on Twitter after that.

September 2017: Adams and Hyland start dating.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on January of 2018, Hyland shared the story of how she and Adams went from flirting on Twitter to going on an IRL date:

He slid into my DMs... I was following him [on Twitter], we had tweeted each other, and I thought he was funny and he was a fan of the show [Modern Family] ... so I just thought, I saw him as the bartender [on Bachelor in Paradise], and I was like, 'That's really cute,' and I was single, obviously, and I was like, this is really awesome.

The two had tacos for their first date and even shared their first kiss on September 16, 2017.

But the timing wasn't exactly ideal. According to People, their first date took place just three days before Hyland had to have her second kidney transplant. While some of us might have been discouraged, Hyland decided to use the her predicament as a test. “It definitely set a tone of: this is my life. If you can handle the fire, great," she told People in April 2019. "If you can’t, goodbye."

“We kind of did a trial by fire,” continued. “Our very first date was the night before the Emmy party [in September 2017]. I just threw him in a room of really big people and he handled it like a champ. Then another trial by fire, like, ‘Hey, I just had a lifesaving surgery, will you fly to L.A. and come over and hang out at my house and make me tacos? Thanks.'"

Luckily, Adams managed to pass all her tests.

October 2017: They become Insta official.

The couple used Halloween as their opportunity to officially come out as a couple, posting a picture of themselves at what seems to be a Halloween party:

June 2018: Adams supports Hyland through another health scare.

In June of 2018, Hyland was faced with yet another health scare. Even though Adams was still living away from her in Nashville, he managed to send his support over to Los Angeles by sending her a bouquet of flowers.

“@wellsadams… best boyfriend ever? Yep,” Hyland captioned a picture of the floral arrangement he sent along with the hashtag pun #doggiehowser."

July 2018: Adams moves to Los Angeles to be near Hyland.

While the two were obviously very much in love from the get-go, they were still long distance until July of 2018 when Adams announced on his podcast, Your Favorite Thing, that he's going to be moving to Los Angeles to be with Hyland. "I'm straight up moving to L.A. Should I not have said it? I've got to go!"

September 2018: They celebrate one year.

To commemorate it having been one year since their first kiss, Hyland adorably posted a selfie of them on a boat along with this caption:

1 year ago today, You asked to hold my purse when I was dancing. In that moment you took my heart. You then gave me my last first kiss. And in that moment you took my breath away. I love you to Pluto and back @wellsadams ❤️ *YES PLUTO IS A PLANET. IT WILL ALWAYS BE*
January 2019: Adams insists he'll pay for Hyland's ring himself.

After critics joked that Hyland would have to foot the bill for her engagement ring when she got engaged to Adams, he set the record straight on his podcast: “Can I go on the record right here? I will pay for this ring, I promise you. It will come out of my bank account, okay?” He also noted that fans assuming Hyland pays for everything is a "pet peeve" of his.

July 2019: They're engaged!

Finally, on July 16, the couple announced on Instagram that they're engaged! Adams made the announcement with an adorable homemade video along with the caption, ""I’ll be Johnny, you be June. But forever," which he credited to Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors.

Hyland adorably commented: "When we get married will I automatically acquire your talent for making everyone cry with a homemade video?"

Congrats to the happy couple!