These Giant Floating Trampolines Will Make All Your Summer Beach Trips So Much Fun

Courtesy Of Sam's Club

There is seriously no denying that a water trampoline makes swimming 10 times more fun. And whether you're heading to your family's lake house, if your friend has a gigantic backyard pool, or if you're simply looking to change the game for all your friends and family this summer, bringing one of your own wherever you go would completely change the game. So if you're looking to truly revolutionize all your warm weather swim sessions, make sure to check out Sam's Club's new Floating Trampolines for summer 2019 — they look like fun beyond belief.

Sam's Club stores are quite literally bringing the fun this summer by offering a floating trampoline called the WOW Novelty Water Bouncer, according to the brand. They come in two lovable designs — a duck and a turtle. Both trampoline sections span almost 6 feet wide (which provide for tons of bouncing room), and they comes with anchor systems so the structures don't float away. It's pretty genius, really.

Both designs have flippers that make climbing on a little easier, and they can withstand all types of water and weather conditions, according to the brand. Whether you're looking to tan on the water or if you're simply seeking out a quick bounce sesh, these look like quite a time to be had. I mean, just look at how fun they are.

Courtesy Of Sam's Club
Courtesy Of Sam's Club

How does anyone choose between the two? Both the duck and the turtle are far too adorable to actually make a decision and choose one over the other. Whatever, it's fine... I guess having two would be kind of lit, in all honesty.

If you simply cannot decide which design fits your backyard body of water best, both are available online, according to the brand. However, if you're looking to purchase one in-store, you'll only be able to find the duck sitting on Sam's Club store shelves. The floating trampolines are relatively pricey, going for $299.98 a pop, but if you ask me, a fun day at the lake, pool, even pond is totally and utterly priceless. Plus, if you split the cost with a few of your friends, you could totally cut down on the expense.

If these floating trampolines are getting you super excited for a trip to the lake this summer, definitely make sure to check out these eight lake resorts that will make for an incredibly fun getaway. From Lake Lure Inn in North Carolina, to the Inn at Bay Harbor in Michigan, to Crater Lake Lodge in Oregon, there are so many awesome lakeside resorts in the U.S. that will make for an undeniably magical summer. In all seriousness, I'm sort of considering booking a weekend at one of these babies as we speak. — right after I add that duck trampoline to my cart, of course.

A calm day at the lake never fails to be a fun time. However, if you're equipped with a freakin' water trampoline, you can bet your bottom dollar everyone will be having a total blast. You seriously cannot beat a floating trampoline — especially in these two super cute designs — and I'm honestly tempted to buy both. In reality, though, I don't have a lake house, a pool, or even a backyard. I might just buy both and put them on my roof... why not, right?