Sam’s Club is selling Oreo-flavored popcorn starting on Jan. 21.

Oreo-Flavored Popcorn Now Exists To Make Movie Night Sweet AF

Courtesy of Sam's Club

Your go-to movie snack is getting a sweet, chocolate-covered makeover. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, Sam's Club announced it is selling a treat that combines the salty and buttery goodness of popcorn with the sweet deliciousness of the chocolate-and-creme flavor of your favorite cookie. That's right: Sam’s Club is selling Oreo-flavored popcorn, so you're definitely going to want to plan your next groceries run ASAP.

With the end of January right around the corner, Sam's Club is helping its customers get ready for treat-yo'-self season by combining your favorite sweet and salty flavors into one mouthwatering snack. It sounds like caramel popcorn has finally met its match with the new Snack Pop Oreo Cookie Popcorn, which made its way exclusively to Sam's Club shelves on Jan. 21. If you want a mental image of what your tastebuds can expect from this brand new treat, you'll be treating yourself to buttery popcorn that's covered in chunks of real Oreo cookie and drizzles of Oreo cookie creme to take each bite to the next level. Whether you are team chocolate biscuit or team iced creme filling, I have a feeling you'll be totally on board with this drool-worthy new offering. Sam's Club will be selling the bad boys in 20-ounce bags for $6 in stores anytime after Jan. 21.

Courtesy of Sam's Club

The new decade has already been so good for sweet and savory popcorn fans alike. Back on Jan. 13, Cheetos rolled out popcorn versions of its popular cheddar and Flamin' Hot flavors, much to the rejoicing of fans. These will be going for $4.29 for a 9.75-ounce bag or $1.89 for a 2-ounce bag.

With the Super Bowl and awards season just around the corner, there's never been a better time to upgrade your snack selection by grabbing one (or all three) of these munch-worthy new offerings for your crew to enjoy a mix of spicy, cheesy, and now sweet options.

Again, all three of these new popcorn flavors are currently available for purchase, so I'd clear out some major cupboard space and plan out your next grocery shopping trip with these goodies in mind.