Sales On These 40 Things Have Tripled On Amazon Because They Make Life Easier


Avid Amazon shoppers know a good deal when they see one, which is why it's so helpful to keep track of which products double — or even triple — in sales, like all these popular products on Amazon.

When you take a good look at which items are rising in popularity, you might notice a trend — a whole lot of them are products that make life easier. This probably comes as no surprise. After all, we can't all get behind a certain perfume scent or checkered duvet, but we can all get behind something as practical as a personal blender that doubles as a to-go cup, so that there's one less thing to clean in the kitchen.

Besides this brilliant blender/to-go cup, there are a whole slew of other products that streamline your day-to-day. Some of these products save space, some save time, some organize big messes, and some save you from actual physical pain... because nothing makes life difficult like walking around with a sore neck all day.

To top it all off, all you have to do is press a button and whatever you order will show up on your front step — talk about making life easy.

This Splatter-Proof Way To Microwave Noodles, Soup, And Stew

Cook pasta the easy way— in the microwave — with this microwaveable noodle bowl. Just snap on the lid before microwaving — it has vents that release steam to prevent splatter. The cool-to-the-touch bowl features a handle for easy transport, and it's top-rack dishwasher- and freezer-safe. Use it to heat soup and stew too.

A Freezing Tray For Make-Ahead Soups And Sauces

Make soup, sauce, and bone broth ahead of time — and then freeze it — with this freezing tray. The tray has four compartments that hold up to one cup each with measuring lines for smaller portions. A clear, tight-fitting lid preserves food freshness and since the tray is made from silicone, you can pop out one cube at a time. The tray is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

A Jar Opener That Unscrews Lids Of All Sizes

This jar opener puts an end to the struggle of unscrewing tough lids and caps. It's super versatile and opens just about anything, including applesauce, jam, and pickle jars, as well as water bottles and nail polish bottles. Just place the lid inside the V-neck, and give the jar or bottle a twist to effortlessly remove. You can attach the opener to the underside of a kitchen cupboard or counter, so it's totally out of the way.

This Tray That Catches Drips From Your Laundry Detergent Dispenser

Yes, there's actually a way to prevent laundry detergent drips when you dispense from those economy-size containers. Just snap the gadget directly over the dispenser and the lipped, ridged tray on the bottom will catch any droplets, leaving the floor of your laundry room totally dry and detergent-free.

These Cleaning Tablets That Get Rid Of Washing Machine Residue

Grime, residue, and bacteria can build up in your washing machine, but you can use this washing machine cleaner to clear all that away. In just one cycle, a cleaning tablet will dissolve residue and remove odor, leaving your washing machine sanitary and smelling fresh. The tablets are safe to use with front load, top load, high efficiency, and conventional machines. Use once a month to keep your washing machine in tip-top shape.

A Washing Machine Guard To Keep You From Losing Socks

There are probably a countless number of socks hiding behind your washing machine — they tend to fall down there anytime you fold your laundry on top. With the help of this laundry guard, though, you won't lose any more socks. The panels attach to any front load washer or dryer with strong, built-in neodymium magnets, creating a barrier that'll keep all your laundry right where you want it.

A Toe Protector That Helps Prevent Friction

If you have a corn, ingrown nail, or hammer toes, every step can be painful, but these gel toe protectors can help alleviate that pain. The sleeves fit right over your big toe, where they prevent rubbing that may cause further irritation, while the gel material moisturizes skin and speeds up healing. Each order comes with six washable, reusable, and latex-free protectors, and you can even order smaller protectors for your smaller toes.

This Personal Blender That Doubles As A To-Go Cup

The jar of this personal blender doubles as a to-go cup with lid, so you don't have to transfer your smoothie or shake after blending. The 250-watt motor is powerful enough to pulverize ice and frozen fruit with just the touch of a button, and the jar is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, so cleanup is no big deal.

This Long Cord That Zips Up The Back Of Your Dress

Thanks to this zipper puller, you don't have to be a yoga master just to zip up the back of your dress. Just insert the zipper into the clip, then pull on the cord to zip up your dress without having to crank your arms this way and that. It works with both small and large zippers and can even be used to zip up tall boots.

This Smart Way To Keep Your Foot Storage Lids Organized

You know that one kitchen cupboard that's just a big mess of lids? You can tidy it up with this food storage lid organizer. The organizer is just the right size for cupboards and pantry shelves and has three compartments with ridged bottoms that keep both large and small lids upright and organized.

A Lip Balm Holder That Clips To Your Backpack Or Ski Jacket

Have your lip balm at the ready with this retractable lip balm holder. It clips right onto jackets, purses, belt loops, or backpacks and features a retractable cord that allows you to apply lip balm without having to unclip the holder. This is perfect for those times when it's inconvenient to stop and search for lip balm, like when you're skiing, hiking, or sightseeing.

This Cup Holder That Fits Onto Your Grocery Cart

Listen, you need caffeine when you're battling grocery store crowds at 10 AM on a Saturday. Keep your coffee cup right where you can grab it with this shopping cart cup holder. Made from lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum, it hooks directly onto the rim of the cart, where it securely holds the cup, freeing up your hands to check for watermelon ripeness.

These Slow Cooker Liners That Seriously Cut Down On Post-Dinner Cleanup

Forget about scrubbing off baked-on food with these brilliant slow cooker liners. Made from BPA-free nylon, the disposable liners keep your slow cooker totally clean, so you don't have to bother with the hassle of cleanup after dinner They fit 3 to 8-quart round or oval-shaped slow cookers, and they're great for pot roast, chicken, casseroles, and more.

A Laundry Folding Board For Precisely Folded Shirts And Pants

Keep your clothes wrinkle-free and save space in your dresser drawers with this laundry folding board. The multi-panel board guides you as you fold blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, and pants in three easy steps. This newly-minted neatnik reviewer writes, "OH. MY. GOSH. I freaking love it! It's super easy to use and my clothes are perfectly folded every time. As weird as it sounds, I actually look forward to folding my laundry now."

This Little Tool That Buttons Your Buttons For You

This button hook and zipper puller is a huge help to anyone with joint stiffness or larger fingers. To button buttons — just slip the tool through the button hole, loop around the button, and pull through. To pull zippers, use the hook on the opposite end, thread it through the zipper, and pull. The textured, ergonomic handle gives hands a comfortable and secure grip while the tool is being used.

A Digital Measuring Tape That Does Calculations And Conversions

I didn't realize something as simple as measuring tape could be improved upon, but this digital measuring tape proves it. The digital display shows measurements in both US and metric units, and has memory storage for up to three measurements. It also converts measurements from fractions to decimals and inches to centimeters, as well as calculating midpoints — which will help you hang that picture on your wall right where you want it.

This Organizer That Prevents Socks From Getting Lost In The Wash

Never lose a sock again with these ingenious sock organizers. Use the hook to hang the organizer on a closet rod, and when you're done wearing each pair of socks, clip it onto the rope of one of the organizers. Once it's full, toss the whole thing into the washer and dryer to launder — without ever losing a sock's mate.

This Pet Hair Remover That Doesn't Use Sticky Sheets

The downside to having a furry best friend is the fact that their hair can end up everywhere. This pet hair remover is a foolproof way to get rid of it. Just run the remover along couches, beds, blankets, and comforters, and the interior roller brush will attract and pick up any stray fur — without the use of sticky sheets. Once you're done using it, press the handle to open the interior chamber and dump the hair directly into the trash.

This Microwave Pasta Cooker That Gets Your Fettucine Perfectly Al Dente

Make perfectly al dente pasta in a flash with this microwave pasta cooker. Just use the serving size holes on the lid to measure the right amount of pasta, then add the corresponding amount of water into the reservoir. Heat in the microwave (lid-off), then replace the lid, and strain into the sink. Finish off with tomato or cream sauce for a delectable Italian dinner.

A Microwave Omelet Cooker That Doesn't Use Butter Or Oil

If you're looking to lower the amount of butter or oil in your diet, this microwaveable omelet pan is for you. Just crack two to four eggs in the pan along with any other ingredients of your choice, then microwave. When done cooking, the omelet will slide right out and you can stick the pan right in the dishwasher to clean.

This Portable Scale That Weighs Your Suitcase, So You Don't Have To Pay Extra Fees

You want on a bit of a shopping spree on your vacation and you want to make sure you're not about to incur any fees at the airport... Use this portable luggage scale to make sure your suitcase is under the allowable weight. Just loop the scale around the handle of your suitcase and lift to take the measurement, and the weight will show on the digital display. The scale itself is super light, so it won't add any unnecessary weight to your luggage.

This Water Bottle With A Secret Compartment For Your Cash

This cleverly designed "kangaroo" water bottle features a secret storage compartment where you can store your cash, ID, credit card, and key, so you don't have to haul anything extra around when you set out for your hike. The bottle itself features an extra-wide mouth and a leak-proof auto-seal lid — just press the button to sip and release to close. It's BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and holds up to 24 ounces of water.

This Food Warmer So You Can Eat A Hearty Lunch At The Office

If you've always been a "hot lunch" person, you'll want to take this travel food warmer along with you to work. The 20-ounce capacity lunch pail features a warming base — plug it in to heat up your food before you dig in. The exterior of the warmer stays cool and the spill-proof travel lid with handle makes it easy to transport.

This Wine Stain Removing Spray That Also Works On Berry, Chocolate, And Grass Stains

These wine stain removers look exactly like miniature bottles of Bordeaux... and I can't get enough of them. And the remover works like a charm — just spray on any type of fabric and blot the stain until it disappears. It even works on old, set-in stains, as well as stains caused by beets, berries, grass, and blood. This reviewer writes that she's tried it on "several red wine & dark chocolate stains and it's been a miracle for getting them out without any damage to the material. No fading at all, just takes out the stain!"

A Foldable Cutting Board So You Can Transfer Food Easily

When you squeeze the handle of this foldable cutting board, the sizes curve up, allowing you to funnel your ingredients directly into a salad bowl or pot with zero mess. The oversize cutting board is dishwasher-safe and features a knife-friendly cutting surface and non-skid feet, so it stays in place while you slice. Choose from eight colors, like red, soft pink, forest green, and black.

A Twisted Knot Top For The Perfect Tuck

Mastering the perfect "French tuck" is harder than it looks. Enter: This tunic top that features a twisted knot just off-center that perfectly mimics an effortlessly stylish tuck with out any of the effort. Available in sleeveless and full-length sleeve options. Choose from seven colors, like white, gray, bright yellow, or the washed out red pictured here.

  • Available sizes: S-XXL
A Liner For Your Bra That Absorbs Sweat And Reduces Friction

Bid farewell to boob sweat and discomfort with this brilliant bra liner. Made from ultra-soft bamboo, the contoured liner slides right under your regular bra, where it absorbs sweat and reduces friction. The washer- and dryer-safe bra liner comes in black, nude, and pink. One reviewer writes, "I don't know how I lived without this," and another says, "This thing made me believe in miracles. I wear a 38G, and boob sweat is a problem especially at work or hiking. This keeps me dry and works amazingly well."

This Cute Teddy Bear That Keeps Your Brown Sugar From Getting Hard

Keep your brown sugar from getting hard as a brick with this brown sugar saver. The teddy bear-shaped sugar saver is made from fired clay — soak it in water for 20 minutes, then place it in the brown sugar bag or container to keep it moist and usable for three to six months. It also works to preserve cookies and marshmallows, and you can even use the teddy bear dry to absorb moisture to keep spices, salt, crackers, and pretzels fresh and crisp.

These Scrubbing Bricks That Make Your Grill Look Brand New

Use these griddle cleaning bricks to scrub away grease, stains, and residue from your barbecue. The odorless, non-toxic bricks do a more thorough job than scrub brushes or sponges and they're safe to use on both metal and ceramic. Use them to make your pots and pans look sparkly and brand new too.

This Chiller That Cools Down Beverages In Just 60 Seconds

Instantly make any drink ice cold — including freshly brewed hot coffee — with this patented beverage chiller. The chiller has three inner chambers: fill the outermost and innermost chambers with water and then store the chiller in the freezer. When you're ready to cool down a beverage, pour it into the middle chamber to chill it from all sides in just 60 seconds. The chemical-free, dishwasher-safe chiller is perfect for anyone who likes a cold drink but doesn't want to dilute it with ice.

This Cover That Keeps You From Having To Scrape Ice Off Your Windshield

There's nothing worse than having to roll out of bed early in the morning to scrape ice and snow off your windshield after a storm. This windshield ice cover, though seriously cuts down on the time you have to spend doing that. It resists water absorption, so all that snow, frost, and ice slides right off of it... so you can get an extra 10 minutes of sleep.

This Foot Rest That Supports Good Posture And Alleviates Back Pain

This foot rest is great for anyone whose feet don't quite reach the floor, but it's also great for those whose feet do reach the floor. That slight elevation can encourage you to sit upright, while increasing circulation and reducing strain on your legs, back, and neck. You can also use the foot rest as a knee bolster while you're lying down, or — flipped upside-down — as a foot rocker. Made from supportive foam, the foot rest is covered in soft velvet that can be removed and machine-washed.

These Bags That Keep Your Shoes Separate From Your Clothes In Your Suitcase

Keep the (probably dirty) soles of your shoes from getting all over the clean clothes in your suitcase with these travel shoe bags. Each set comes with four lightweight, waterproof bags: two standard-size bags for flats, heels, and sneakers, and two large bags for work boots, golf shoes, and high-tops. The bags feature zipper closures and handles for easy carrying.

These Collapsible Bowls So Your Dog Can Stay Hydrated On Your Hike

These collapsible dog bowls are a great way to keep your favorite canine hydrated on walks and hikes. Use the carabiner to hang one onto a backpack or dog leash, and when you're ready to use it — pop it out and fill with a little water from a water bottle. When your dog is done drinking, simply collapse it into a flat disc again and keep on trekking. The 12-ounce bowls are made from food-grade silicone and they're dishwasher-safe.

A Backpack With A Pocket And Charging Port For Your Laptop

Keep your computer safe and sound with this laptop backpack that has an inner pocket specifically meant for your laptop. The sleek gray back pack is water-resistant and also boasts a large inner compartment and multiple smaller pockets, including one "security" pocket on the backside. The padded, ergonomic shoulder straps are adjustable, and a charging port lets you power up your devices no matter where your travels take you.

These Tools For Sore Muscle And Headache Relief

These pain relief tools harness gravity to significantly reduce pain caused by headaches and sore muscles. Just place the tool anywhere under your body — the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, thighs — and the prongs will dig deep into muscles to trigger myofascial release. The triangle shaped tools have three edges: rounded edges for a broad surface massage, pointed edges for deeper pressure, and scalloped edges to to mimic fingers. Each order comes with one firm tool and one soft tool.

This Hanging Closet Organizer With Pockets On Both Sides For Double The Storage

Get double the storage space with this two-sided hanging closet organizer. Made with durable Oxford cloth, the organizer hooks onto any standard closet rod and features mesh pockets on both sides that are perfect for storing socks, underwear, scarves, beanies, gloves, and jewelry. You can also use it outside your closet — perhaps to store supplies in your craft room or home office.

This Foot File With A Near-Perfect Rating That'll Smooth Out The Rough Skin On Your Feet

With a 4.8 star rating this foot file has nearly perfect reviews. Sure, it looks a little like a cheese grater (cringe), but it gently and effectively files off dead skin, leaving you with baby soft and smooth feet. One reviewer says she feels like she has "brand new feet" and another writes, "I have tried every type of pumice stone, lotion, file, peel, foot treatment, etc., and had basically resigned myself to the fact that I would never have "soft feet". I bought this file on a whim and OH MY-LANTA - it almost works too well."

A Jade Roller And Gua Sha Tool For A Complexion With A Next-Level Glow

Running this jade roller across the surface of your skin works to reduce puffiness, eliminate toxins, promote absorption of serums and moisturizers, and stimulate circulation, which will give your skin a bright glow. Made from all-natural Xinjiang jade sourced in southwestern China, the roller comes accompanied by a gua sha tool — gently "scrape" it across your face to boost skin cell turnover and collagen production.

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