72 Products With Tons Of 5-Star Ratings On Amazon That Are The Definition Of Clever

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When it comes to rating products on Amazon, not a lot of items receive the coveted five-star status. To achieve this prestigious label, your product must avoid nearly all negative criticism and have almost one hundred percent positive reviews. When you consider the massive amount of customers that pass through the colossal retail giant's doors, that's no small feat. That means when you do find products on Amazon with five-star ratings, you can count on them being pretty darn amazing.

Not only do they tend to be reliable products, they're usually clever as hell, too. I'm not talking about talking everyday cookware or household appliances. I mean the truly exceptional items — those small things that make your life better in some unexpected way or solve a problem you didn't even know you had. Things like electronic gadgets that remove lint from sweaters or dresser organizers that keep your socks from getting mixing up. Simple but genius stuff like that. Other times five-star products are things that take an everyday item to the next level, like matches you can light after they've been underwater or a special towel that dries your hair faster.

Take a look at these exceptionally clever five-star products on Amazon and watch your life transform.

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