These 40 Brilliant Products On Amazon Put The Fun In Functional

When it comes to shopping for a functional product — like a shower head or an ice cube tray — the most important aspect to consider is whether or not the item actually works. The second aspect to consider? Whether or not the product is fun. Hear me out: I wholeheartedly believe that functional, everyday products are at their best when they incorporate a little creativity and ingenuity to amp things up — and that's what each of these brilliant products on Amazon does.

For example, why make simple ice cubes when you can make tiny ice cube cups that you can drink from? Or why simply shower when you can listen to your favorite music being blasted from a speaker attached to your... shower head? (See what I mean by 'fun'?)

And a lot of these products go far beyond simple fun. Some of them are insanely practical, space-saving, or solve common issues — like how to keep your dog hydrated on long hikes.

And a whole lot of them perform multiple functions, because there's nothing better than saving money because you only have to buy one product... as opposed to buying two. Or three. Or four. (You get it.)

So for products that are fun and functional — keep reading, because we've rounded up the cream of the crop.

Entertainment — These 40 Brilliant Products On Amazon Put The Fun In Functional

1. This Multi-Opener That Opens Jars, Bags, And Bottles

Prepworks 6-in-1 Multi Opener, $8, Amazon

This multi-opener is a must if you're always looking for someone with stronger hands to open jars and other containers. This little gadget opens six types of lids and seals, including bags, pull tabs, bottle caps, jar lids, and safety seals. In other words, you can use it to open a jar of salsa and a bag of chips and a bottle of soda.


2. A Combination Lip And Cheek Tint That'll Give You An All Over Glow

HAN Cheek & Lip Tint, $16, Amazon

Why buy blush and lipstick separately when you can color your lips and cheeks with just one product? This two-in-one cheek and lip tint will give both cheeks and lips a flush of color with all-natural, vegetarian ingredients. The pigment is sourced from plants, fruits, and vegetables and combined with hydrating elements like shea butter, cupuaçu butter, argan and açai oil. Swipe some on for a dewy, rosy look.


3. These Gel Pads That Keep Your Phone In Place Pretty Much Anywhere

HENGQUIANG, $15 (10 Pack), Amazon

These gel pads can be used to mount your phone pretty much anywhere. Stick them on your car dashboard when you're using your GPS to navigate, put them on the back of car seats so your backseat passengers can watch movies on road trips, or mount them on the kitchen wall so you can watch tutorials while you cook. When the gels lose their stickiness, simply wash with soap and water and they'll regain their stickiness and work like new.


4. This Set Of Magnetic Twist Ties That'll Help Keep Your Home Organized

Monster Magnetics Twist Ties, $23 (10 Pack), Amazon

Made from super flexible silicone rubber and featuring tiny magnets on each end, these magnetic twist ties are super practical. Use them to clip chip bags closed, or to wrap up cables, cords, and wires. You can even slip one into your key ring and hang your keys on the refrigerator door, so you don't lose them. Plus, they come in a variety of ten colors, making home organization just a little more playful.


5. A Three-In-One Tool For Mincing Fresh Herbs

KITCHENDAO Herb Mincer, Stripper, and Scraper, $13, Amazon

This three-in-one herb mincer makes cooking with fresh herbs a breeze. First, the two built-in strippers easily de-stem herbs like rosemary and thyme. Then, four stainless steel blades can be rolled back and forth to mince. Finally, a scraper piles all those minced herbs together. It's ergonomically-designed to fit into your palm and the retractable blades detach for easy, dishwasher-safe cleaning.


6. This Cream That'll Keep Your Nails Strong And Your Cuticles Conditioned

Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream, $8, Amazon

If you have fragile, soft, or thin nails, order some of this nail strengthening cream ASAP. Made from coconut oil, jojoba oil, silk protein, and vitamins E, C, and D — this cream strengthens nails and conditions cuticles. All you have to do is massage into nail beds, cuticles, and undersides of nails three times a day to prevent splits, chips, peels, and cracks.


7. This Slicer With Adjustable Blades For Cutting Up Different Types of Fruits And Vegetables

QQKO Slicer, $17, Amazon

You can use this slicer to core apples, but you can use it for so much more than that too. The fixed base attaches to three different blade set-ups, each designed to slice different types of fruits and vegetables — like mangos, kiwis, tomatoes, and apples. You can even use it to cut up hardboiled eggs. The unique saw-style blades are designed for easy slicing, which helps reduce juice loss from your fruit or vegetable. The blades are stainless steel and dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.


8. A Healing Balm For Sore, Tired, And Irritated Feet

Feet Of Endurance Healing Balm, $17, Amazon

This healing balm is a godsend for tired, beat-up feet. It soothes dry, cracked, and inflamed skin, while preventing blisters and healing callouses and athlete's foot. The hypoallergenic balm is made from bentonite clay, and essential oils like calendula, arnica, ginger, thyme, rose, and geranium. All these ingredients work together to reduce soreness, increase circulation, and fight off unwelcome fungi and microbes. You can also use it on your hands, elbows, nails, or any other part of your skin that's looking for a little relief.


9. This Do-It-All Vegetable Slicer, Dicer, Chopper, and Grater

Zalik Vegetable Chopper, $28, Amazon

This all-in-one vegetable chopper performs an amazing array of functions. You can choose from one of the twelve blade setups to julienne, grate, peel, slice, dice, chop, shred, and juice. It even includes an egg separator. The chopper has suction grips that attach to the countertop, so there's no slippage while you work. You can disassemble the pieces and stick them in the dishwasher when you're all done.


10. This Outlet Wall Plate With A Built-In Nightlight

SnapPower Guidelight, $15, Amazon

Use this ingenious guidelight to subtly light up your house at night. It's an outlet wall plate with built-in lights that do the work of a nightlight — without taking up outlet space. The plate snaps on without the need for brackets or mounts. The light is energy-efficient and doesn't require batteries or wires. The guidelight comes in colors like white, black, ivory, and light almond to blend in seamlessly with your walls.


11. This Sunscreen Mist That Protects Your Skin From Free Radical Damage

Supergoop! Antioxidant Sunscreen Mist, $13, Amazon

This broad-spectrum sunscreen mist protects from UVB rays — which burn the skin, and UVA rays — which contribute to skin damage. The addition of antioxidant vitamin C fights free radical damage from UV rays, helping to keep skin healthy. The SPF 50 non-aerosol spray is water-resistant, and can be applied to both wet and dry skin. Plus, the formulation contains 35 percent less alcohol than most sunscreens, so it's less drying to skin.


12. This Combination Diffuser And Humidifier That Gently Scents and Moisturizes The Air

Hathaspace Aromatherapy Diffuser and Humidifier, $35, Amazon

Fill this marble aromatherapy diffuser and humidifier with water and your favorite essential oils to moisturize the air and provide soothing (or energizing) aromatherapy benefits. The diffuser uses ultrasonic technology that doesn't rely on heat power — which preserves the integrity of essential oils. The humidifier can run for up to 16 hours and includes an auto shut-off feature that stops misting after one, three, or six hours — or until the water runs out. It even includes the option for ambient lighting if you want a subtle glow.


13. A Travel Mug With A Built-In Steeper For Loose Leaf Tea

Vibrant Infuser Travel Mug, $25, Amazon

This infuser travel mug comes with a mesh steeper and strainer that's perfect for drinking loose leaf tea on-the-go. You can also remove the steeper and just use the strainer if you want to use the mug for fruit-infused water. The BPA-free mug is stainless steel and vacuum insulated. It can maintain hot beverage temperatures for up to 12 hours, and cold beverage temperatures for up to 32 hours.


14. This Panini Press That Does More Than Just Make Paninis

Chef Buddy Panini Press, $25, Amazon

This panini press does so more than grill delicious, melty sandwiches. You can also use it to cook up waffles, bacon, burgers, steaks, and quesadillas. Dual heating zones make for more even cooking and the non-stick plates make for easy cleanup. The press also features a cool touch handle — which is great if you happen to be clumsy and prone to burns, like me.


15. This Scrubbing Brush That You Can Use On Your Face And Body To Get Radiant Skin

LP LivingPro 8-in-1 Face and Body Brush, $35, Amazon

This electric face and body brush will revive your skin, giving it a fresh and renewed glow. It comes with six detachable brush heads that cleanse, massage, and exfoliate the skin. It works on two settings so you can adjust how gentle or vigorous you want your scrub to be. The brush is battery-operated and waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower, and the extended handle makes it easy to cleanse hard-to-reach places.


16. This Travel Adapter That Works In Over 160 Different Countries

JMFONE Travel Adapter, $20, Amazon

This small, all-in-one travel adapter comes with four AC adapters that work in over 160 countries to adapt dual voltage devices. It has four USB slots and one AC power plug socket, so you can charge five devices simultaneously. It Includes safety shutters that protect devices from short-circuiting. This Amazon reviewer is a fan: "I highly recommend this product especially if you do a lot of international traveling. The four USB ports in one adapter is great. You don't have to worry about having the right adapter for different trips. Consolidating everything in one unit was perfect."


17. A Three-In-One Makeup Brush For Perfect Makeup Application

Zoreya 3-In-1 Makeup Brush, $14, Amazon

Save space in your cosmetics bag with this three-in-one makeup brush. It includes one angled powder brush with slanted bristles that are perfect for applying blush, bronzer, or setting powder. The blending sponge, which you can reach by twisting off the top part of the handle, can be used to apply liquid foundation and concealer. Twisting off the bottom part of the handle reveals a small blending brush for applying eyeshadow and softening sharp lines.


18. A Water Bottle Your Dog Can Use

CamRom Dog Water Bottle, $13, Amazon

This dog water bottle ensures your best friend says hydrated on long hikes and hot days. Simply fill the bottle with water, then press a button to dispense water into the detachable bowl, where your furry friend can lap it up. The silica gel seal ring ensures that the bottle won't leak in your bag or on your car seat. The bottle is antibacterial and BPA-free. This reviewer sings its praises: "I use this on long runs with my dog and for the first time ever we can run many miles in the summer heat because I found a way to bring water! "


19. A Combination Batter Mixer and Dispenser That Makes Frying Up Pancakes Oh So Easy

Cooking Upgrades Batter Mixer and Dispenser, $16, Amazon

Mix up batter for cakes, pancakes, waffles, and muffins with this combination batter mixer and dispenser. Pour batter into the mixer and turn the hand crank and the internal whisk will blend the ingredients together. When you're ready to cook, just squeeze the handle and batter will be dispensed from the bottom of the mixer — eliminating the mess and dripping that comes from using a ladle or measuring cup.


20. This Space-Saving Kitchen Multi-Tool With Eight Different Functions

SUSOKI Kitchen Multitool, $12, Amazon

This kitchen multi-tool is an all-in-one invention that performs eight different functions. It includes a funnel, squeezer, vegetable grater, cheese grater, masher, can opener, egg separator, and measuring cup. Each tool fits neatly inside the measuring cup and can be attached to the top when you're ready to use it. Made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials, it saves tons of space, so it's perfect if your kitchen is on the small side.


21. An 11-In-One Tool That Fits Inside Your Wallet

Explore Mate Survival Card, $9, Amazon

Carry this survival card with you everywhere for small fixes and assemblies. It includes a round bottle opener, a flat screwdriver, a cutting edge, a can opener, a ruler, a four position wrench, a butterfly screw wrench, a saw blade, a direction ancillary indication, and a keychain hole. Made from stainless steel, the card won't bend, break, or rust. It's smaller than a credit card, so it'll fit right into your pocket or wallet.


22. A Travel Pillow That Twists Around To Give You Better Support

Dot&Dot Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $24, Amazon

This memory foam travel pillow twists around to contour to any position, so you can support almost any part of your body while traveling. Use it for a little extra lumbar support, or to cushion your head, neck, back, or shoulders. A snap closure secures the pillow around your neck, or can be used to attach the pillow to luggage. The cotton cover is removable and machine-washable, so you can freshen the pillow up after a long journey.


23. This Tray That Turns Almost Anything Into A Small, Edible Mug

IC ICLOVER Molds, $8, Amazon

If you prefer your clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, this silicone mold tray might be right up your alley. Pour almost any edible liquid or food into the mold and freeze it. Then pop it out, and you'll be left with a small, frozen, edible mug — so you can eat (or drink) whatever's inside and then move on to eating the container. Use it to make a cookie dough bowl for your ice cream, a chocolate cup, or just use it to make ice for a chilled shot.


24. These Reusable Lids That Let Off A Little Steam

Wado Silicone Lids, $12 (3 Pack), Amazon

These reusable silicone lids allow you to forego plastic wrap (which isn't great for the environment), while still keeping food fresh. The heat-resistant lids seal in food, while releasing excess steam. (And yes, it releases that steam from a built-in miniature steamship on the top of the lid, which is downright adorable.) Each set comes with three different sized lids that fit onto bowls, pots, and other containers. They're BPA-free, and microwave and dishwasher-safe.


25. This Outlet Timer That Turns Your Lights On And Off For You

Dennov Outlet Timer, $14, Amazon

Putting your lights on a timer is a great way to deter potential intruders, or just to regulate energy output and costs. This highly-rated outlet timer works on several different settings, so you can program lights to turn on and off at a certain time each day, or for certain intervals of time each day And it's not just for lights. You can use the timer for sprinkler systems, fans, and other appliances as well.


26. This Bra That — Wait For It — Has Pockets

Handee Bra Company Racerback Bra (XS-3XL), $25, Amazon

Is there anything better than a skirt with pockets? How about a bra with pockets? Yep, it's a miraculous thing. Made from bamboo, this racerback bra with pockets is super soft and contains three pockets: one for lip balm, one for cash or credit cards, and one for slightly larger items — like passports — in case you find yourself traveling overseas. The underwire-free bra offers medium support and is perfect for light exercise or just hanging around the house.


27. A Scarf With — Wait For It Again — A Pocket

Pop Fashion Scarf With Pocket, $14, Amazon

If you're tired of dragging your purse around, this infinity scarf with a pocket is about to become your best friend. The lightweight, polyester scarf has a cute white arrow design and features a zipper pocket where you can stow away items like your passport, money, keys or phone. The scarf comes in nine different colors, like teal, black, gray, green, and maroon.


28. A Bluetooth Shower Head So You Can Play Your Favorite Tunes While You're Conditioning Your Hair

H2oVibe Bluetooth Shower Head, $15, Amazon

Take singing to the shower to the next level. This Bluetooth shower head magnetizes to a speaker that allows you to listen to music (or podcasts) while you suds up. It even includes a dual microphone so you can answer calls — although your caller might have some questions as to your whereabouts. The shower head itself is three times more powerful than standard shower heads, so you're not compromising the actual shower part of your shower. The speaker can be detached and used anywhere in the house after you're done toweling off.


29. This Handheld Fan That Blows Out A Cooling Mist

TianNorth Mini Misting Fan, $18, Amazon

Keep this mini misting fan around for relief on hot, dry days. Just fill up the accompanying water bottle, turn on, and enjoy the cooling mist. The handheld fan operates on three speeds and two misting modes and can be USB charged. It's small enough to stick in your bag, so you can take it with you anywhere. This Amazon reviewer says, "I live in Las Vegas and it's HOT. I needed something to help me keep cool at work so I finally found this cute, reasonably priced, USB rechargeable fan. The mister makes the air cold and it's a fine mist so my makeup doesn't run."


30. These Hair Clips That Double As Small Multi-Tools

Haxtec Multitool Hair Clips, $9 (3 Pack), Amazon

These multi-tool hair clips do a great job of keeping your hair in place, but they're also pretty handy when you have to make a quick repair in a pinch. Each hair clip doubles as a large screwdriver, a small Phillips screwdriver, trolley coin, cutter, and ruler. The clips are made from stainless steel, but are lightweight so they won't drag your hair down.


31. These Flashlights That Are About The Size Of A Pen

EverBrite Penlight Flashlights, $13 (4 Pack), Amazon

Regular size flashlights can be bulky and aren't exactly convenient to carry around. Enter these super slender penlight flashlights. About the size of a pen, they're small enough to carry around in your pocket. Covered in aluminum, each flashlight can deliver up to 100,000 hours of light. The flashlights operate on AAA batteries, which are included with each order. Put one in your glove box and one in your purse.


32. This Bottle That Holds Both Water And Pills

Asobu Water And Pill Bottle, $13, Amazon

If you're committed to your vitamin regimen, or need to take medication regularly, this combination water and pill bottle is for you. The water bottle has a built-in pill organizer with seven snap-shut compartments. Made from BPA-free durable Tritan material, the bottle holds up to 20 ounces of liquid, and the top part can be unscrewed and used as a smaller cup. Plus, the bottle even resembles a pill, which is pretty cute.


33. A Set Of Eco-Friendly Reusable Food Storage Bags That Have Tons Of Different Uses

Eco-Sil Reusable Food Storage Bags, $27 (4 Pack), Amazon

By now, you probably know that plastic is a huge problem for the environment, which is why these eco-friendly reusable food storage bags are so much better than one-use baggies. Each silicone bag features a leakproof airtight seal which keeps food fresh and spills at bay. The bags are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe. Another bonus? You'll be saving money in the long run since you won't have to constantly restock your supply of food storage bags.


34. This Multi-Tool That's A Dream Come True For Bartenders

Prepara Bartender Multitool, $15, Amazon

The bartender multi-tool is perfect for dedicated and aspiring mixologists. It has all the utensils you need to make the perfect cocktail garnish. Resembling a Swiss army knife, the multitool includes a stainless steel knife, corer, pitter, soft fruit peeler, and zester. When not in use, the tools flip back into the base for easy storage. This Amazon reviewer is on board: "Incredibly happy with it! Super convenient and wonderful quality of design! I have utilized it for making fresh juice for Tom Collins, zests for martinis, and peels to spritz my Manhattan's."


35. An Ice Cream Scoop That Heats Up For Easier Scooping

THAT! Warming Ice Cream Scoop, $20, Amazon

There's nothing worse than almost breaking your wrist when trying to scoop hard ice cream. This warming ice cream scoop eliminates that problem with self-heating technology. It draws heat from non-electric, biodegradable thermal liquid built into the handle of the scoop, so you can dig into even the hardest, most frozen ice cream. A special coating in the bowl part of the scoop balances out the heat, ensuring your ice cream doesn't get too melty in the process.


36. A Multi-Tool That's Not Messing Around — Because It Even Includes A Hatchet

ROSE KULI Multitool, $12, Amazon

This folding multi-tool is perfect if you're trying to save a little room in your toolbox. Measuring at seven inches long, the multitool includes a saw, hatchet, hammer, pliers, Phillips head screwdriver, slotted point screwdriver, double-sided poking knife, rasper, wire cutter, bung puller, and bottle opener. The multitool is made from durable stainless steel with a non-stick coating. Each tool folds in when not in use, making it mega-portable and space-saving.


37. A Multi-Purpose Tool That's Handy For Surviving The Great Outdoors

Ralix Survival Tool, $8, Amazon

Okay, survivalists, get a load of this survival tool that's a must for getting through dicey situations. It includes a magnesium fire starter stick that can be used to start a campfire in all kinds of weather, a compass, and an emergency whistle that will come in handy if you happen to get lost in the woods. (And if you're wondering, yes — you can also use the fire starter if you're just looking to make s'mores on your camping trip, too.)


38. This Soap Dispenser With Built-In Space For Your Sponge

Umbra Joey Soap Dispenser, $16, Amazon

This kitchen soap dispenser has a built-in holder where you can store sponges and scrubbers. It cuts down on clutter and keeps your sponge from falling into the kitchen sink. Made from matte ceramic, the dispenser has a sleek, minimalist vibe and comes in eight different colors, like mint, charcoal, and canary yellow. Oh, and, each order comes with an included scrubber.


39. This Set Of Skin-Renewing Body Brushes

YSBER Body Brush Set, $15, Amazon

Revitalize every inch of your skin with this body brush set. Made from bamboo and natural boar bristles, the set comes with three brushes: a long-handled brush for hard-to-reach places, a massaging brush, and a smaller brush with a pumice stone for cleaning in between your toes and scrubbing off callouses. Use them to exfoliate skin, soothe sore muscles, increase circulation, and to get rid of rough skin on the elbows or feet.


40. This Combination Hair Curler And Hair Straightener

Huachi 2-in-1 Hair Curler and Straightener, $30, Amazon

A combination hair curler and straightener just makes sense. It takes up less space in your bathroom, your suitcase, and it's more economical, to boot. With this styling tool, all you have to do is press a button to go from a curling to straightening function. The tourmaline ceramic iron protects hair from frizz, increases shine, and protects hair from unnecessary damage. It heats up in 30 seconds, and features heat settings you can adjust for your hair type.

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