These 40 Brilliant Products On Amazon Put The Fun In Functional

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When it comes to shopping for a functional product — like a shower head or an ice cube tray — the most important aspect to consider is whether or not the item actually works. The second aspect to consider? Whether or not the product is fun. Hear me out: I wholeheartedly believe that functional, everyday products are at their best when they incorporate a little creativity and ingenuity to amp things up — and that's what each of these brilliant products on Amazon does.

For example, why make simple ice cubes when you can make tiny ice cube cups that you can drink from? Or why simply shower when you can listen to your favorite music being blasted from a speaker attached to your... shower head? (See what I mean by 'fun'?)

And a lot of these products go far beyond simple fun. Some of them are insanely practical, space-saving, or solve common issues — like how to keep your dog hydrated on long hikes.

And a whole lot of them perform multiple functions, because there's nothing better than saving money because you only have to buy one product... as opposed to buying two. Or three. Or four. (You get it.)

So for products that are fun and functional — keep reading, because we've rounded up the cream of the crop.

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