Ryan Reynolds' Funny Birthday Post For Betty White Will Make Blake Lively Chuckle

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images | Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds is at it again! The 42-year-old actor took to Instagram on Thursday, Jan. 17, to share a comical but sweet message in celebration of Betty White’s 97th birthday. Reynolds and White, who have been friends for a decade, have frequently used their sense of humor to showcase their genuine love for each other. And Ryan Reynolds’ birthday post for Betty White is no different! It’s actually quite hilarious.

“I don’t usually wish ex-girlfriends Happy Birthday,” Reynolds wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. “But Betty’s special. Happy Birthday to the one and only, @bettymwhite 🎂”

Reynolds and White aren’t actually exes, obviously. But the two have frequently joked over the years that there’s more than friendship between them. For example, back in December 2016, when Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively welcomed their second child Inez, White congratulated Reynolds via video. Upon being shown the video by Entertainment Tonight, Reynolds cooed at how sweet the message was, then joked that White had “no idea she’s the mother.”

Reynolds’ friendship with White dates back to 2009 when the two starred in The Proposal together alongside Sandra Bullock. At the time, Reynolds and White had a running joke that they were at odds and even filmed a spoof for FunnyorDie.com that kept the joke going. In that video, White essentially plays a diva-like version of herself who doesn’t know who Reynolds is. Reynolds then has to fight for the recognition and respect he deserves. It’s quite funny and definitely worth your attention! Check it out here.

Needless to say, Reynolds and White have shared a playful friendship for the past 10 years and Reynolds’ birthday message certainly highlights that fact.

To add to all the hilarity surrounding Reynolds and White’s friendship is White’s own sense of humor. She showcased some of it when Reynolds’ film Deadpool premiered in 2016. After seeing the film, White gave her own honest review of it and shared it via video on Facebook.

"Hello, I just saw the most anticipated movie of the year, Deadpool," White said. "It was glorious. Once in a generation, a movie comes along that your whole family will love. If your family is a [bleep] group of [bleep]-kissing inbreds," she joked. "Plus, Ryan Reynolds looks so f*cking handsome in his red leather suit. I give it four Golden Girls. It’s the best picture of the year."

You really can’t get any better or funnier than that, can you? I mean, White is still so sharp at 97 and able to give Reynolds a run for his money in the comedy department. And you know what? Even Reynolds has to think of new ways to keep up with White.

In 2018, when it came time to wish White a happy birthday, Reynolds shared a Deadpool-inspired photo in honor of his friend.

“Happy Birthday to the one and only @bettymwhite ! Cheers to another year of ‘Tinis and Weenies! 🍸🌭,” he wrote in the caption of the most, seemingly referring to White’s 2018 interview with Parade.

Apparently, White told Parade that one of her secrets to living a long, happy life was eating hot dogs and drinking vodka. So, Reynolds naturally picked up on that and made it even funnier with his Instagram photo.

In any case, these two are hilarious and I love their friendship! Happy birthday, Betty White!