Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Missing Her First SCOTUS Argument After Major Health Issues

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The end of 2018 was definitely a trying time for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Not only was she hospitalized following a fall back in November 2018, but she also underwent surgery in December 2018 to remove two cancerous nodules in her lung. Despite these setbacks, the Supreme Court justice has remained resilient. However, it turns out that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss a Supreme Court argument following her previous ailments. Please, take all the time you need, Justice Ginsburg.

According to The Hill, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be unable to attend the Supreme Court oral arguments on Monday, Jan. 7. Per Oyez, this marks the first time Ginsburg will miss oral arguments in person during her more than two decades serving on the Supreme Court. But that doesn't mean she's not participating. Supreme Court Spokeswoman Kathy Arberg broke the news on Jan. 7, sharing that Ginsburg will participate in the oral arguments from home by reviewing copies of the transcripts and briefings. The two cases being heard on Jan. 7 focus on the preemption of state and federal laws, and on debt collection in relation to foreclosure, per The Hill.

Even though Ginsburg's absence from the Supreme Court will be noted, I don't blame her for taking some time off after the past couple of months she's had. However, it's still unclear whether Ginsburg will be out for the remainder of the week, since she's scheduled to hear oral arguments both on Tuesday, Jan. 8 and Wednesday, Jan. 9.

Elite Daily reached out to representatives of the court for comment about Justice Ginsburg missing the Supreme Court argument, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Ginsburg taking some time to recover from her recent surgery couldn't be more necessary. After all, she didn't stop working despite being hospitalized in November after fracturing three of her ribs. Following being released from the hospital, everyone on social media immediately offered their support and even... extra ribs in case she needed them. Say what you will about social media, but Twitter goes hard for Justice Ginsburg.

So, even though Ginsburg may not be making a physical appearance in the Supreme Court today, rest assured she'll be hard at work from the comfort of her own home. It's no secret that the Supreme Court justice is a non-stop working machine, but even the most resilient people still need to enjoy some rest and relaxation every once in a while. However, for those who think that this means Ginsburg might be considering retirement soon, think again. Truthfully, the retirement of former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in June 2018 set everyone in a panic, wondering if 85-year old Ginsburg would be next to throw in the towel. However, it looks like she has no plans to step down anytime soon.

While speaking to The New York Times in February 2015, Ginsburg acknowledged that she's currently the oldest member serving on the Supreme Court, but there have been former justices even older than her in the past.

Now I happen to be the oldest [member]," Ginsburg said. "But [former Justice] John Paul Stevens didn’t step down until he was 90."

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I have no doubt that Justice Ginsburg will make it back to the Supreme Court bench (and pumping iron at the gym bench) in no time. For now, she deserves to take it easy.