This Job Pays You $10K To Eat BBQ, & It’s A Grill Master’s Dream


It's officially a great time to be alive if you want to get paid thousands of dollars for eating all the BBQ. Listen up if you're known among your circle of friends for your searing and smoking prowess, because Reynolds Wrap is hiring a Grill Officer for $10,000, and it honestly sounds like a dream gig. The company is calling all grill masters to put their grilling mojo to the test, and the two-week-long summer job comes with some pretty sweet perks.

Per a press release from Reynolds Wrap, the ideal candidate for the Chief Grilling Officer position is a pit master enthusiast who wants to share said enthusiasm and skills with the rest of the world. During a two week period, the successful CGO will embark on a foodie adventure around the country where they will sample grilled meals, learn about grilling techniques, share their findings on social media with fellow grilling experts, and get paid for it (!!!). Yes, this is a real job, and yes, you should make a note to apply before the Aug. 13 deadline.

If you want a better idea of what's up for grabs, the tantalizing job description reads,

If you don’t mind being paid to taste test some of the most delicious grilled dishes from across the country, posting envy-inducing pictures of your finds and falling asleep every night dreaming about your next meal, then you could have what it takes to be Reynolds Wrap’s Chief Grilling Officer.

Does this sound like a dream job, or what?

According to press materials, additional perks include a $10,000 stipend as well as pre-paid lodging and travel expenses. Honestly, I'd be happy just to get paid in mouthwatering brisket, but this is even better. In addition, you'll get hooked up at some of the best BBQ restaurants around the country. Still need convincing? Just when you thought this two-week BBQ fest couldn't sound any better, Reynolds Wrap is also letting you bring another person to tag along. If your S.O. or your BFF wants to get in on the food adventure, they can come with you and enjoy the fun.

Now that I've established that this is easily the best job ever, here's how you apply. From July 31 through Aug. 13, aspiring Chief Grilling Officers can submit their application for the summer of a lifetime by sending their best grilling photo and a 100 word essay detailing why they're the ultimate CGO to Considering that the successful applicant's photography and cooking techniques will be shared on the Reynolds website and the company's social media platforms during the 14-day gig, I'd keep in mind that they're probably looking for a candidate with some pretty solid photo-snapping skills. A great photograph of your latest grill feast could help you stand out from the pack and really smoke the competition (sorry).

Even if you aren't quite ready to quit your desk job for a 14-day BBQ rendezvous around the country, this also could be the two week vacation of a lifetime, especially if you can bring bae along. With such amazing perks included in the CGO position, I'd start applying now to become Reynolds Wrap's very first Chief Grilling Officer, or, in other words, "Eat food. Document the experience. Get paid!"