Kylie Jenner's Stormi-Inspired Makeup Is Selling Out So Fast & These Reviews Explain Why

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As soon as Kylie Jenner announced that she was launching a makeup collection inspired by her daughter, I became consumed by the storm(i) news. Now, reviews of Kylie Cosmetics' The Weather collection are in, and the comments are more of a steady rainfall than a hailstorm. Although I expected there to be a bit more drama with this collection, I think the final opinion depends on where you are in the eye of the storm.

Fans knew The Weather collection was going to be massive, especially because of all of the hype on social media before the launch. Makeup lovers have been clamoring for color lately, and all you need to do is check Instagram to see their pleas. Neutral shades have been and will continue to be a staple, but going into the spring, people are craving more vivid tones. Before you go into the whole "florals #groundbreaking" speech à la Miranda Priestly, I feel like bright colors haven't been huge for the past couple of years. With this collection, Kylie J won the first round of launching spring colors first, but did she wow the crowd?

On Feb. 28, Jenner released The Weather Collection Highlighter Palette ($44,, the Eye of the Storm Palette ($40,, the Calm Before The Storm Palette ($40,, three Matte Lipsticks ($18,, two sets of Glitter Eyes Duos ($40,, Flash Glitter Gloss ($16,, Lightning Bolt Ultra Glow ($14,, and a Yellow Eyeliner Pot ($14,, and the products are flying off her website.

I knew the one place I could go after the fallout from the storm was YouTube. Beauty gurus spill everything I need to know before I shell out my hard earned money.

Nicol Concilio

Whenever a makeup collection launches, I immediately head over to beauty YouTuber (and makeup queen) Nicol Concilio's channel. One of the most important things that Concilio notes in this collection is that the eyeshadow colors have very little fallout. I noticed in a couple of reviews that people tended to eschew the pastel Calm Before The Storm Palette ($40,, since the colors don't look as intense as the Eye of the Storm Palette ($40, "I like that Kylie broke out of her neutral tones, and is playing around with some more colors, and some different, unique color patterns. I would never think to put these colors in a palette, and I like how these colors look," says Concilio.

Concilio feels that the line will be gorgeous for festival season looks, which is ideal since Coachella is almost upon us. The highlighter palette is one of her favorites because of the color payoff (she gives it three d*mns up!), and I think it looks stunning on her complexion.


As a woman of color, I was interested to see how the products looked on Shayla aka makeupshayla on YouTube. One thing to take note is that Shayla makes it known in her video that the colors are normally not her style. While she feels this is a fun palette, she considers it not really an everyday palette. I think it depends how you like to wear your makeup.

Shayla comments that the consistency of the Calm Before The Storm Palette ($40, and the Eye of the Storm Palette ($40, aren't as smooth as she expected. She definitely prefers the Eye of the Storm palette because the shades are smoky and sultry. When she swatched the Calm Before The Storm shades, the color payoff was a bit disappointing on her darker skin tone. The Glitter Eyes Duos ($40, made up for that, though. The bold, metallic, liquid shadows can be used alone (for a wet look), or on top of other shadows. Not only does Shayla get the most excited about the duos, but she makes it known that the applicator is ideal for cut creases. Amen.

The Flash Glitter Gloss ($16, and The Weather Collection Highlighter Palette ($44, were probably her least favorite products. Upon application, the gloss stood out, but when she rubbed her lips together, the shade faded. With this gloss, it's best to top off your lips with it instead of rubbing the product in. As far as the highlighter palette, the only reason she gave it a no in her book is due to the silvery payoff. For everyone out there that prefers a golden, warm-toned highlight, this palette isn't for you.

Daniel Chinchilla

Daniel Chinchilla, a celebrity beauty expert, loved the powdered highlighters because the consistency is soft and not glittery. He personally doesn't like glitter highlighters, because "they tend to look fake and flake off." My favorite thing about Chinchilla's review is that he was able to explain why the consistency was a bit off. Shayla noted that the eyeshadow palettes were not a smooth formula, but according to Chinchilla that's because the shimmer shades are very glittery. The matte shades are more pigmented in the Eye of the Storm Palette ($40,, and the glitter shades have more payoff compared to Calm Before The Storm Palette ($40,

Chinchilla wasn't a fan of the loose powder highlighter. Instead, he preferred the pressed highlighter because it has more pigment, and the loose highlighter is very flaky. Across the board, the Glitter Eyes Duos ($40, are a hit. He says the consistency is more of a "gel liquid formula," but it stays dry and doesn't move. If you're in the market for a new lipstick, he says the Matte Lipsticks ($18, shades are "smooth like butter."

If you want to get your hands on The Weather collection, I recommend you hit up Kylie Cosmetic's website ASAP. This storm isn't going to stay around for very long.