This Fun Method Of Travel Has Become My New Favorite Way To Explore A City

by Kristin Corpuz

It's no secret I love to travel. I love exploring new cities, seeing amazing sights, eating delicious food, and listening to conversations in different languages. Even more, traveling by myself gives me the chance to experience new destinations in a totally different way. So whenever I embark on an adventure, I always want to find an exciting way to get around to ensure I see and absorb as much as I possibly can. Recently, renting a scooter while traveling has become my personal fave transportation method, and I can't stop raving about it.

Over the past month, I've visited eight different cities through five different countries, and in each of them, I've taken a scooter around at least once. Ride sharing scooters from apps such as Lime, Bird, Tier, and others have quickly become my go-to way to explore. These boosted electric scooters are not only super reminiscent of my middle school Razor scooter days, but in my opinion, they also make a city more accessible than if I'm walking or taking public transportation.

Scootering might not be for everyone. Although I know there can be some hassles with taking a scooter or bike around a city, I personally can't wait for the next destination I get to scooter around in. (If you decide to rent one for yourself, you should always be extremely careful, follow the proper safety precautions and traffic laws while riding a scooter, and even watch a few tutorials beforehand so you know how to navigate it.)


For me, scootering has become the most convenient way to see a new city. I love that it's a super mobile method of transportation. All I have to do is find a scooter on the app, and then park it safely and properly when I get to my destination. For more superficial reasons, I like scootering more than biking because it means I can wear dresses or skirts while I travel. (I know, of course, you can bike with a dress on, but it's much harder, in my opinion.)

Based on my experience, I find it to be a better way to get around than via the metro (or subway) of a city because I'm above ground and get to actually see the city as I pass by landmarks and interesting buildings. Plus, I'm able to stop directly in front of or super close to my destination. On top of all that, scootering can actually be a really affordable way to travel.

As I scootered around the various cities I visited over the past month, I was able to stop scootering every time I saw something interesting, and then I would continue on my way toward my ultimate destination.


Logistically, the easiest way for me to find my way around a new city while scootering is to pull up Google Maps on my phone. I use the "bike" feature in the maps app so that I only take routes that are appropriate for the scooters, and turn on voice navigation and stick my headphones in so that I can leave my phone in my bag.

I've found that it's easiest for me to travel with a fanny pack, small backpack, or cross-body bag so that it doesn't get in the way while I'm scootering. And of course, the apps advise the safest way to operate a scooter is by following all road rules and by wearing a helmet. (Just keep in mind that you have to bring your own.)


In all of my most recent travel photos, a scooter isn't too far away. I'm so happy I found this method of transportation because it has given me so much flexibility and mobility as I travel through new cities on my own. I know that I'll keep scootering as I continue crossing more destinations off my bucket list.