Regina King is open to doing a second season of 'Watchmen' if the idea is right.

Regina King Wants 'Watchmen' Season 2 To Happen, But Only On 1 Condition


The biggest question to come from Watchmen's Season 1 finale actually was not about that egg, but about whether the show would (or should) continue with a second season. With fans and critics alike lauding the nine-episode arc as a near-perfect televised story, a divide has grown between fans who want more of the show and fans who think it has reached its rightful conclusion. For what it's worth (and TBH, it's worth a lot), Regina King wants Watchmen Season 2 to happen, but only if it can live up to the caliber of the first season.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Watchmen Season 1 finale. The question of whether Watchmen should continue is not only among fans of the show, but also its creator and stars. The finale, which aired on Sunday, Dec. 15, felt like a natural ending, as Dr. Manhattan was vaporized and Angela Abar may or may not have inherited his powers. But since the show became so massively popular, there is a big demand for a second season.

Showrunner Damon Lindelof has been very frank about the fact that he viewed Watchmen's first season as its own self-contained story, saying he would only continue the story "if the idea is right, and if there's a compelling reason to do it." In a new interview with IGN, it sounds like King feels similarly about the prospect of making another season:

I would totally do a Season 2, but I would just want it to be just smart and as emotionally driven as Season 1. And that's a tall order. So I would just want it to be on par with that. I can say that I would want to come back if it could be anything near Season 1.

So, basically, Season 2's future all comes down to whether Lindelof gets a good enough idea for one. While that idea apparently hasn't come yet, fans who want more Watchmen should be somewhat comforted to know Lindelof is actively trying to think up a way to naturally and effectively continue the series. He told Variety he plans to spend the next few months pondering the potential Season 2, but if nothing strikes him as the perfect continuation story after that time, he will let it go.

That wouldn't necessarily mean the end of Watchmen, though. Lindelof went on to explain he could see the show continuing as an anthology series in a similar fashion to fellow hits Fargo and True Detective, with future seasons shifting to a completely new set of characters, locations, and/or time periods.

The future of Watchmen is still totally murky, but fans should expect some more clarity over the Season 2 question a few months into 2020.