The 'Watchmen' finale ended with the question of whether Angela Abar inherited Dr. Manhattan's power...

This Tiny Detail In The 'Watchmen' Poster Answers The Finale's Biggest Question


Leave it to Watchmen to end things with a massive, blue question mark. The critically adored HBO series wrapped up its first season on Sunday, Dec. 15, and that final moment is sure to fuel debate among fans for years to come. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Watchmen Season 1 finale. The big question on everyone's mind is the same: Is Angela Dr. Manhattan? It may seem unanswerable, or even like the show does not really want fans come to a conclusion, but the showrunner has more or less confirmed the answer has actually been right in front of fans for months.

In case you need a refresher on all of the big twists and reveals that led up to Watchmen's final moment, Angela's husband Cal was actually Dr. Manhattan in disguise all along, but despite Angela's best efforts, she was unable to save him from Lady Trieu vaporizing his body. Dr. Manhattan's powers may not have been destroyed, though, as Angela returned home to find an egg in her kitchen. It was then she remembered that on their first date, Dr. Manhattan claimed he could theoretically imbue an egg with his powers, and the person who ate the egg would gain his abilities. Angela ate the egg, and then began lowering her foot into her pool, testing to see if she could walk on water like Dr. Manhattan... but the episode ended before viewers could see her foot hit the water.

It seems like the ending is intentionally ambiguous about whether Angela got superpowers or not, but creator Damon Lindelof basically confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Angela did indeed become Dr. Manhattan. Lindelof said the show's poster is meant to convey the outcome of that scene.

This is not me saying what happens when her foot hits the water. There are certainly two possible outcomes. But if you watch the entire season again, or if you look at the poster for Watchmen that existed fifteen weeks ago, our intention is clear. That’s what I’ll say.

Sure enough, the Watchmen poster that was released months before the show began airing featured Angela in front of a clock and lit by a blue light, making her look like Dr. Manhattan.


Lindelof's comment, paired with Angela's blue hue in the poster, seem to make it clear Angela did indeed inherit Dr. Manhattan's powers when she downed that egg. That is probably good for fans to know, especially considering the very real possibility that Watchmen may not continue with a second season. Lindelof has stated he is open to the idea of another season if an idea comes to him, but he does view the nine-episode season as its own self-contained story. That means fans probably won't get to see Angela as Dr. Manhattan on their TVs even if another season does end up happening.

With the future of Watchmen still in question, at least now fans can rest easy with an almost definitive answer about that final moment.