Red, White, & Blue Pool Floats Are Here To Ensure You're Making A Splash This Summer

The pool is calling, and you should really answer. Lucky for us, Memorial Day is right around the corner on Monday, May 28, and the long weekend gives us the perfect excuse to throw a much-needed pool party. You'll need to plan on festive refreshments, burgers and hot dogs, a fire playlist, and of course, epic pool floats for all. I've officially dubbed this season the summer of pool floats worthy of our Instagram selfies. You'll want to find the right inflatables for your party pics, and you'll definitely make a splash with any of these red, white, and blue pool floats.

These inflatables will come in handy not just for Memorial Day, but also for Fourth of July, Labor Day, and pretty much any other day of the summer you want to relax in the pool. The bright colors will make pics you take for the 'Gram really pop (not to mention, they'll look amazing with that white monokini you've had your eye on), so check out these 10 pool floats to add to your collection. Then, grab yourself a refreshing drink, sit back as the burgers cook on the grill, and float on, because we're smooth sailing into another epic summer to remember.

1You'll Be In Parrot-Dise On This Float

Margaritaville Parrot Head Pool Float

Bed Bath & Beyond

This red, white, and blue parrot will have you floating off to Margaritaville in just about no time. It's clear this inflatable fits in with the popular trend of oversized birds to chill with in summer pool selfies. In this case, #ParrotGoals is where it's at.

2Ariel Would Approve Of This Seashell, And So Will You

Swimline Seashell Island Extra Large Swimming Pool Float


You were mer-made for spending your summer days by the pool, so of course, you need a plush seashell to lounge on. Set your mermaid tail upon a traditional seashell, and show everyone the pool goddess you are. Even Ariel herself would be jealous of this pool floaty.

3A Float That's Worthy Of The Avengers

Captain America Shield Float


It feels like everyone is till talking about the latest 'Avengers' movie, so this Captain America pool float will fit right in at your next party. Now, if only we could find a way to get Chris Evans to come along too. Then, you could be floating right next to the Cap himself as you relax and catch some rays.

4This Cupcake Inflatable Is Super Sweet

Swimline Inflatable Cupcake Ride-On Swimming Pool Float

VM Innovations

This cupcake is the perfect statement for anyone with a sweet tooth. It's honestly too cute for words, but I should also warn you, it will make anyone instantly want a cupcake the minute they see it. Needless to say, if you bake a batch of red, white, and blue cupcakes for dessert, your party is set.

5Float On A Red And White Mattress Surrounded By Blue Water

Transparent Red and White Stripe Inflatable Swimming Pool Mattress Float


You'll have patriotic vibes when you're sleeping on a red and white striped float on the bright blue water. This inflatable mattress is the perfect float to get for summer, because you'll be able to bring it with you to every party you're invited to or crash. It's large enough to lay out on, but when deflated, it will fit perfectly in your beach bag for traveling.

6Float With Bae On These Connecting Inflatables

Swimline 2-Pack Inflatable Americana Flag Connector Mat Float

VM Innovations

These two floats are awesome for you and bae as you float into the weekend together. The two separate floats can connect to make one giant inflatable, and I'd say that's a bargain. A cute couple pic deserves a caption just as sweet like Katy Perry's lyric, "Baby, you're a firework."

7Seas The Day In This Nautical Pool Tube

Blue and White Boat and Anchor Inflatable Swimming Pool Inner Tube Ring Float


For anyone who is broke AF, but still wants to get in on the pool float action this summer, here's a super affordable red, white, and blue nautical-themed pool tube. At this price, you can even buy a bunch just to decorate the party. You don't need a large lounger to still look fab this Memorial Day weekend. Tell your worries, "knot today," as you sit in the pool with a drink in your hand.

8Celebrate With Your Whole Crew In This Lounger

Summer Waves Inflatable Americana 6-Person Island Lounge Lake Float

VM Innovations

If your entire squad wants to get a float together, this gem is made for six people. This lounger is so great whether your friends are camping for Memorial Day and want to relax and swim in the lake, or you're at the shore. It has comfy seats, cup holders, and two built-in coolers. What more could you ever want? You'll definitely need to take a squad goals selfie in this one.

9Cool Down In The Pool With This Popsicle Float

BigMouth Inc. Giant Ice Pop Pool Float


If your go-to treat from the ice cream truck is a Rocket Pop, you know you need to get your hands on this inflatable, ASAP. Just imagine yourself swimming in the pool with a popsicle in hand. That truly is the summer dream.

10Welcome Flip-Flop Season With This Pool Inflatable

Blue Wave Marine Blue Flip-Flop Inflatable Pool Float


It's officially flip-flop season, and I can't wait to break out my sandals from the back of my closet. To match the shoes on your feet, get this inflatable flip-flop float for the pool. It's blue and white striped, so all you need to complete the color trifecta is a bright red bathing suit. This is definitely an attention-getter.