Here's How To Get A Free Lobster Pizza From Red Lobster On Sept. 25

If you're looking for lunch (or dinner) plans, I've got just the deal for you. In honor of National Lobster Day, Red Lobster is giving away free Lobster Pizzas on Sept. 25 for a savory meal. Feel free to skip out on your usual PB and J for lunch, so you can chow down on a tasty and cheesy lobster pizza pie. Like most good deals, there are a few things you need to know before you place your order. Here's how to get a free lobster pizza from Red Lobster.

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, Red Lobster will be celebrating National Lobster Day in the most delicious way possible. The seafood chain restaurant is giving away free Lobster and Langostino Pizza, according to People. You can't just show up and order a Lobster and Langostino Pizza and expect it to be free of charge, though. There are a few rules that stand in between you and a tasty slice of Lobster and Langostino Pizza. In order to snag your complimentary seafood pie, you must purchase two adult entrees on Tuesday, Sept. 25. You could look at the Lobster Pizza as a free appetizer to share with you and a friend, or you could take it home and have it for dinner later. Either way, you don't have to twist my arm to get me to eat Red Lobster's Lobster and Langostino Pizza.

The Lobster and Langostino Pizza is described as an "Italian classic," according to the Red Lobster menu. The pizza is topped with fresh and juicy Maine lobster, Norway Lobster, and Langostino. That's not all, though. The pizza is also covered with melted mozzarella cheese, fresh, ripe tomatoes, as well as a few shreds of sweet basil. It's basically like Red Lobster took the lobster roll (which is one of my favorite foods), dumped it on top of some pizza dough, and baked it in the oven. The deal is valid at Red Lobster locations nationwide.

Red Lobster

Red Lobster took to Twitter to tease the promotion on Monday, Sept. 24. The company wrote, "Tomorrow is #NationalLobsterDay, so that means we’re hooking you up with a sweet deal. Check back in the morning to get your coups." This means that the deal will be officially announced before lunchtime on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Late fall is one of the best times of the year to eat lobster, according to I personally have never considered celebrating National Lobster Day, nor did it occur to me that there would be a day dedicated to lobsters. Back in July, a group of senators from New England presented a resolution that officially declared Sept. 25 as National Lobster Day, according to the New York Post. The resolution passed with ease and helps promote the "historic and economic importance of lobster in the United States," according to a press release from Sen. Susan Collins' office.

I've also never indulged in a Lobster Pizza before, but I'm already drooling over the thought of it. I'm all for chowing down on delicious chunks of juicy lobster, especially when it's covered in melted mozzarella cheese. Sign me up.